My name is Brittany but most people call me Britt. I feel like I wear a multitude of hats throughout my day. Some of those are: wife, therapist, friend, and runner. I take them all very seriously. I don’t know how to do anything halfway and can be a little intense sometimes for that same reason.

This blog is primarily for getting out my running related thoughts. Let’s face it, my non-runner friends are pretty sick of hearing the endless running chatter. I want to use this space to log training events and thoughts. I’m currently preparing to run the Disney Princess Glass Slipper Challenge in 2016. I’m beyond excited since my husband and I are certifiable Disney Fanatics.

That being said the content may change from time to time. Comics, Disney, reading, and crafting are some of my other passions so they may be included somewhere in here too. Feel free to comment, explore, and whatever else! I would love hearing from you!