April 2016

Running update and what have you

I am finally back at it. I have just recovered from a crazy upper respiratory infection. i was getting worried about it because I have a half marathon this coming weekend. I ran a 5 k two weekends ago with the infection and it wasn’t that fun. (How could I turn down a free registration though!?)

Anyway, I did two runs this weekend and they weren’t too bad. Saturday I felt pretty great. I tried out 3/1 intervals and they seemed to work pretty well. I averaged about 13:06 min/mile. I even managed to run all the way up the massive hill of death at the park. ┬áIt wasn’t my fastest run but it would be enough to get me a PR at the half if I can hold that pace all race. I really want a PR on this one. It was the second half I ran and ended up being a 20 minute PR for me. This year’s will be my fourth half and I just want to come in under 3 hours.

Yesterday, i ran with my bff and she is just getting back into running. She’s a natural speed demon but we both struggled yesterday. The wind was awful. Leave it to us to go for a run in the middle of a dust storm warning. I thought we both did good. We averaged about 14 min/mile and I still think she did great despite her saying she didn’t. I was just happy to keep up with her!

There are some other things going on lately too. I am still going to personal training 3 times per week and it is going wonderfully. I love my trainer and I’m seeing massive differences. My biceps are more defined as are my shoulders, back, and triceps. Today she told me she could tell my knees were getting stronger due to the amount of weight we used in one of the sets. it was a weight I was never able to do before.

I have also started redoing my diet and started juicing. I’ll try to make some posts about those soon. I also have a review of my new Garmin planned.

The Future of the Blog

Well Princess is over and I, unfortunately, do not have any new Disney races in the works right now. I have been debating on what to do with this blog now that the journey to Princess Weekend is over. I have come to the conclusion that I will keep writing here. It may be a hodge podge of different things. I have a variety of interests so I am going to expand my topics and see how it goes. 

Very Late Princess Recap: Half Marathon edition

Okay, I admit it. I have been slacking. I mean, I have been sick but I’ve also been completely slacking on everything except work and personal training. So here it is, my recap of my first ever Disney Half.

1:30 am I wake up on my own to avoid the whole flashlight in my face thing from the previous morning. Seriously thought i was about to be murdered. I’m dressed and ready, pacing a bit by around 2:10 am.

I was far more awake than I expected to be and I beat my running buddy to the lobby once again. My ChEAR squad was sleepily in tow. We boarded the bus first, once again at 3:00 am and were well on our way to the pre-starting area. More dance party and character meets ensued. My adrenaline was going and I was so beyond ready to get in the corrals.


 My running buddy was correct, we had to walk FOREVER to get to our corrals this time but it gave us something to do so I didn’t complain. Everyone was packing in and eagerly awaiting the fireworks to get us going. Miss America gave a short speech and they played the super cute video about dreaming big and the corral starts began.

 We had our planned stops for the run, which was less than for the 10k. We had two priorities the Heroes and the pirates. Beyond that, we just wanted to finish ahead of the balloon ladies. We saw the heroes early on before Magic kingdom and jumped in line. My heart was joyous when I saw Flynn Rider. He’s my favorite! We took that quick pic and were off. We ended up not seeing the pirates at all, sadly.

Running buddy needed quite a fe bathroom breaks and I took those times the get a good stretching in. Who knew hard hard it could be to do two races back to back, right? Haha yeah…

We ran through the gates to MK and passed the Contemporary resort. The first sign of the park itself that I remember was seeing Space Mountain. It was so neat to see it so early in the morning with oodles of princesses in running gear. Some midrun selfies and quick pictures of our view happened throughout the run. We photo bombed some characters to save time. (Aladdin and Abu, The Stepsisters, and our castle pic.)

Running through the castle was a lot easier than I was expecting. They did a great job of keeping a steady flow of runners and that was nice. Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff were standing on the balcony of the castle waving and talking to us as we passed. My running buddy shouted “Do you have any chocolate?” to Anna and Anna responded with “Chocolate?! Where?!” Which was pretty fun.

There was a lot of roadway and the two large hills toward the end but nothing horrible. they had  DJ at the beginning of one of the hills. My running buddy and I dance/ran and sang “Call me maybe” as we conquered that hill. It was the homestretch from there. I ran it in strong despite my severely aching feet. Hubby was texting me toward the end to tell me which side to stay toward so he could see us. When I came up to where he was, he had a surprise for me. He made me a sign and both he and our friend were yelling for us! There was nothing quite like crossing the finish line for the second time at Disney and going to collect our medals. I will admit it…I teared up.

In summary, I DID IT! I earned my Glass Slipper and proudly display them separately on my wall.



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