It’s taken me a while but I’m finally able and ready to give my recap of the Enchanted 10K. I asked our friend to make sure I didn’t oversleep. I’m not a morning person and getting up at 1:45 am sounded pretty daunting. That was not the best idea.

I woke to a light being shined directly in my eyes and a voice saying “Get up.” I seriously thought I was about to be murdered for a second. It did the trick, though. I was up and fully ready long before I was supposed to meet my new running buddy at 2:45 am. 

Rapunzel was surprisingly ready at this early in the morning. We all headed to the lobby of our resort to meet my new friend. That’s when we found out that the buses didn’t start running until 3:30 am not 3. We were the first ones on the very first bus. There was a lot of standing around to be done once we got to the race area.  

Plenty of time for pre-race photo ops. The lines for the characters got really long but we did jump in for a picture with Belle.  

 Then there was more standing before heading everyone toward the starting line. 

 It wasn’t too long before we set off. Seeing the fireworks for the corrals ahead of us really got me pumped up for the run ahead. It was fun seeing Elsa and Anna waving to us from the bridge 

We had most of our picture stops planned out for this run. We planned for most of the character photos to be in the 10K  with just a few in the Half. First up was Tink. I HAD to stop for her because she’s my favorite. I was so pumped to see it was Tink and Terence since I have never seen him in the parks. The line wasn’t too long but right as we got to the front they brought out new characters and I was afraid they were giving Tink a break. Nope! We lucked out and got Silvermist, Rosetta, Tink, AND Terence! 

We passed up meeting the Hag from Snow White and ventured on. We saw some neat stops along the way but felt they were ones we were okay with passing up. Soon, we were entering the World Showcase at Epcot. It was so gorgeous when we emerged from the backstage area. 

We were having a blast! It really didn’t feel half as tough as all the other 10ks I have ran in the past. The World Showcase was where the characters really got started. 

Pinocchio and Jimminy Cricket

We were surprised and super excited to see Lumiere and Cogsworth.We were one of the last few to get the pics with them. From there, we headed on toward the Boardwalk. We were greeted with warnings about the possibility of the area being slippery, which I was grateful for. Slippery surfaces and my crazy knees don’t mix well. We got another surprise….the Genie!! We had talked about getting him in the Half since that’s where my friend saw him last year. 

Apparently, this is my excited face. 

After that was the home stretch and finish line bound. I can’t tell you much about the mechanics of the course. I know there was a hill or two but I was having so much fun and there was so much going on that I really didn’t notice. Running through the finish line was great! 

We gratefully accepted our medals and snack boxes before reuniting with my boys. 


The boys had fun while we’re were gone too. No lines to hang out with the princesses.