Day 2 of the fabulous race weekend was a park day. We hit Ohana for breakfast. Hubby LOVES Stitch so we sprung for the extra meal. Plus they have that amazing juice. 

After O’hana we hit Hollywood Studios. We didn’t use hardly any of our fast passes because of the funkiness of the day. I managed to fudge a little on our reservations. We had breakfast at O’hana and an hour and a half later, we ate lunch at Sci-Fi Dine in Theater. Oops. I also had to leave for a meet up with one of the Facebook groups I was in. (I was sucked in by the pretty purple princess sash.) It took forever to get myself back due to the crazy situation with the bus rides to and from the resorts. By the time I returned to Hollywood Studios, I was in a near break down state. Pretty sure there were tears. 

I recovered quickly and we set out to do some of the fun things in the park. The guys were stoked to meet Kylo Ren. We got in line for it and they conversed about all the clever things they were going to say to him. 

Hubby repeatedly said he was going to ask what he was planning for Father’s Day and our friend was going to call him Matt. 

Yeah…none of that happened. They totally froze. He was pretty intimidating actually and grilled us about droids. At one point he got right in my face. It was a fun meet though!

We ended the night with a ride on the Rockin Roller Coaster then headed back to the resort to get some sleep before the early morning wake up for the 10K. I was incredibly sad that we didn’t get to see Fantasmic and, as much fun as the meet up was, I was a little sad I didn’t get more park time. 

Next up…Race day #1!