So I am back to work in the reality of life and I am finally going to take a little time to relive the amazing experience I had for my first ever Princess Weekend. I’ll start with the fight to the death on day 1. (This may also be referred to as the expo.)

The first day of my trip was Wednesday, February 17 but that was mostly spent riding in the car or crummy gas stations for pee breaks. We drove until we were about 2 hours outside of Orlando then grabbed a cheap hotel. In fact, it was the same exact hotel we stayed at on the way down in October and has now been named the official hotel of the Neeley family Disney trips. It should be easy to remember. It’s the ONLY hotel for miles at this point in the trip. 

Anyway, I insisted that I make it to the expo by the time the doors opened. I preferred to be there before they opened and I planned to go straight to the Official Disney merchandise tent. I had great tips from posts here as well as on the Facebook groups and felt this was the best plan of action. 

We arrived just in time and I made a beeline for the Official merch. I really didn’t know what I was in for. I expected to see a ton of people and I expected to have the chance of things selling out quickly. I hadn’t bargained for the pushing, shoving, screaming mass I found myself in. 

   It was a mad dash for anything you wanted. You just needed to pray you picked the right size. I didn’t pray hard enough apparently because I ended up with a hoodie that was a size too small for me. It was all rectified thanks to the Facebook groups. 

 Although I did see people grabbing things from all directions and there was some poor usage of manners, I did not personally witness the alleged fight over the wine glass. I was lucky. I got pretty much everything I wanted. Wine glass and the much sought after Tervis water bottle included. Once I was done with that crazy area and I dropped more money than I care to remember (it’s what a princess does right?) I grabbed the hubby and friend and we left that mess. 
The area with the vendors had a lot more breathing room and slower pace. I looked around for a bit, bought myself a few shoe charms from Beecause shoe charms, and snagged a picture with Jeff Galloway.

I got in on the virtual queue for the New Balance shoes even though I just can’t run in New Balance shoes. I wasn’t sure if I would purchase a pair or not but I wanted to try them on anyway. I got a great time. 11am I headed over there after looking at the other vendors. (Really tough not to buy a new Sparkle skirt, just saying) We didn’t have to wait very long and we talked to some super nice ladies that gave me extra encouragement and info about the races. 

My turn came up and they snagged my size for me. Needless to say, those babies came home with me. 

  I don’t trust any shoes to run in other than my trusty Brooks because of my wonky knees but there was no way I could pass up Ariel shoes. They were super comfy to walk around the parks in though and I have toyed with the idea of displaying them on my running wall at home. 

The Glass Slipper packet pick up was much more laid back since it was in the other building. I opted not to look at the Dooney & Burkes because I knew I would probably end up forking that money over too. Overall, it was a success. It was crowded and everything but I expected that. We finished out the day by going to our resort before heading to Animal kingdom.