February 2016

Wait…It’s really over!?!

I went ┬áMIA for a while again. Sorry peeps! Prepping for the race weekend was brutal as far as work and time goes so I didn’t have much of an opportunity to even read let alone write. Anyway, I have arrived back in dreary Arkansas and am taking the day to relax before work. I did survive the race and had an absolute blast. I plan to post recaps within the week! See you soon!



It’s Friday. Oh thank heavens, it’s Friday. I’m off work. Productivity is done and all I have left is polishing off my paper work. I am thoroughly exhausted. It’s been a long day. My workouts at the gym this week have been killer.

I have put in plenty of hours at work and yesterday’s run as glorious. It was one of my faster times. 11:10 min/mile. Not quite the Flash yet but still better than I was last year! I am just about two weeks away from Princess weekend. (Two weeks from today I will be enjoying an adult beverage at Hollywood studios and hanging with Kylo Ren.)

Corrals are in and I am pretty happy with my placement. I will be in corral H and I’m good with that! I look forward to meeting the awesome people I have made connections with via the Facebook groups. I’m staring down the weekend that involves 7 miles tomorrow and 14 Sunday. That’s possibly the most distance I have ever done in a single weekend and I have no idea where those will take place.

I think the biggest exhaustion comes from the fact that I had a minor heart attack this morning after the workout when hubby called to say he couldn’t find our oldest dog. This dog was my dog before hubby and I even talked marriage. We pretty much got him together but I spent hours training him, taking him to the vet, and he cuddled with me every night when I was sleeping alone in my apartment. I looked all over the neighborhood. Called my best friend. Cried my eyes out. Luckily, I was able to regain composure and think about calling Animal Control.

He had been found the previous night and a lovely couple had taken him home for the night. I was so relieved to have him back that I took him to the pet store and bought him a doggy cake.



Tiny biceps and nerves

Yesterday I rested and today I did personal training with the awesome Mallorye. As I did bicep curls she tells me “Hey there’s a bicep there!” I looked in the mirror and, sure enough, there was a little baby bicep. Guess this sticking to a routine thing actually CAN work! Seriously though, I love personal training and it’s helped my running in both physical and confidence. I feel better. I feel stronger. I tell myself I can and WILL complete the Glass Slipper Challenge.

I’m still nervous. I have both my skirts in and the tanks from raw threads are on their way. I will either do the assigned 5 and 14 mile runs this weekend or I will do the 10k and half run through in costume. I still want a few props ( an apple and a headband for Snow and a toy frying pan for Punzie..if the new rules will allow those.) but I am mostly ready. We set out for Florida in exactly two weeks!

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