I finally got back out there and ran today. I took my lovely Sparkle Skirt out for a trial run and she was amazing. I only did two miles because I didn’t want to get sweaty and nasty in her. After last week’s tough run, I have not had much motivation but today was pretty good. I went without music and ran at the college campus here in town.

Since today was the first day where temps were in the 60s again, everyone was at the park. I tried to run there first and both the road and the trail were packed to the gills. It was insane.

I did my short run. Averaged 12:19 min/mile and that was with walking to take a phone call from the hubby. If not for him I would have been a bit speedier. I’m looking forward to going back out again tomorrow for a longer run.

As for my skirt…she was great! There are two enormous pockets on the shorts underneath the skirt and it was big enough to fit my iPhone 6 plus, case and all. Someone had said they put a water bottle in their side pocket. My water bottle fit but looked like I had some kind of deformity so I left it in the car. The middle zippered pocket was perfect for my keys and would be great for holding fuel on longer runs. She didn’t ride up and made for a very comfortable run.