This past week was just completely off thanks to the brief winter weather. It was a double run weekend and I feel like those are most important for the GSC training. I stressed half the week hoping I would get to do them.

I did. Saturday I did a personal training session and later went for a run. I decided to try to use the shoe inserts one more time. I shouldn’t have. They were the source of my foot issues and I ended up walking instead of running.

I headed out yesterday for the scheduled 12.5 run and there was still some pain. I did great for the first half of the run though. Then 8 miles in I had to make an unscheduled bathroom stop. For like 10 minutes. I seriously thought about just doing the mile that would get me to the mall where my husband works, stealing his car, and going home. Alas, I decided to continue on. The rest of the run was just a disaster. Full of traffic lights. The foot pain threw my gait off and gave me hip pain and I almost popped my knee out of place trying to stretch. Yeah it was awful. I decided at 10.5 miles to call it. I walked the mile back to my car and complained on the phone to my running friend about how sucky it felt.

Then the doubts started. Oh my God, what have I gotten myself into. 

Holy cow I have to run further than this for the challenge.

Oh crap it’s less than a month. What was I thinking?

Of course, I realize that this is just ONE RUN. I also know there won’t be stop lights and bad shoe decisions before those races. I am telling myself repeatedly now, YOU CAN  DO THIS and Think of all that bling! 

There is no way to slice it, I am nervous. Seeing posts about how we should be getting corral assignments soon and everyone getting their magic bands (ours came in last week) is drilling it in. This is really happening and it’s not far away. Single digit weeks.

Anyone else getting the jitters??