In Arkansas “blizzard conditions” apparently mean “an annoying dusting of snow covering ice.” That’s what we got today and, to be honest, I probably could have gone to work this afternoon. Who wants to wait until half the day is over to make it out to see clients in their houses? To be fair, only the main roads are clear and the people I see do not live on those main roads.

Anyway, the icey conditions mean no personal training or running today. That’s okay. I did get a couple miles in on the indoor track and treadmill at the gym yesterday at least. I should be clear to run tomorrow too. That being said, I have nothing running related to talk about. Well, nothing that comes to mind at the minute so I am going to throw you a curve ball.


My disclaimer here is I am NOT a photographer. I like taking pictures. I love candid shots and have managed to capture a few with my trusty iPhone in the past.


Like this one of my friend’s adorable little girl looking at pics she took of herself.


Or this one (one of my favorites) from my Disneymoon in 2014. Are these girls not the cutest!?!

For Christmas this year, hubby decided to spoil me with this baby


I am beyond pumped about my new toy or endeavor. Whatever you want to call it. Will I own my own photo business? It’s doubtful. I just want to take pics for fun and see what kind of beauty I can capture. On that note, this is a complicated piece of equipment and I am working hard to figure it out.

I learned quickly that I was not as natural at this as I was with crochet and I was an idiot to think I was. However, I am finally starting to understand pieces of shooting in manual. far from calling myself an actual photographer but I am learning.

So far I mostly have pics of my animals, which crack me up.

I have no idea why my cat looks insane but I love it.

Same beautiful girl as before, just a nicer camera. Isn’t she like the cutest?!

Anyway, They aren’t grand. They aren’t perfect, but they’re mine and I am learning!

Feel free to leave any tips you might have for me if any of you play around with these awesome cameras!