Last night was game night. Game night means lots of snacks and, usually, fast food. The crunch wrap box at Taco Bell just looked too tempting to turn down. Against my better judgement, I gobbled up that flour tortillas wrapped pseudo-Mexican food. 

Then we got to our friend’s house and the table held pretzels, trail mix, and Oreos. Those damn Oreos sat in front of my taunting me. Whispering my name and promises they couldn’t keep. I was weak and took two of them. Two can’t hurt you right? 


The sweet goodness of the chocolate and cream-filled devils was short lived. I survived last night but, true to their deceitful nature, they came back to hurt me in the morning. It was hazy and grey outside this morning when I stumbled out of bed, head pounding. I didn’t want to go to training. I didn’t want to wake up. I just wanted to sleep to escape the pounding in my brain. 

I pushed through and committed to training. I sweated like a pig. I breathed deep throughout the session and explained to my awesome trainer that I wasn’t unhappy being there I was just struggling through a horrible headache brought on by my star-crossed love of all things gluten-ous. 

I feel like I have learned my lesson. I love pastas, breads, cookies, and pastries but they just don’t feel the same about me.

Training itself is going great. I’m seeing more and more definition in my muscles and I feel so much stronger in my running than I did before I started lifting. I’m getting super excited about princess weekend with just a touch of nerves. I can’t wait to run through the parks and maybe even make some new friends in person along the way. I’ll miss the anticipation once it’s over and have to find a new goal to work towards. 

What kind of struggles are you guys having? Any exciting races coming up for you (Disney or otherwise)?