I’m starting to feel it. It comes every time there is a big race ahead of me. I call it The Freak Out. Last year I was preparing (our trying to) for the Little Rock half marathon. It was my first one and I was terrified that I wouldn’t complete it. That was in March and the last two weeks of February were BAD. I was a mess!

The second half I did was in April and there wasn’t much time for The Freak Out because I registered last minute. The two nights before the race, however, was filled with nightmares. I forgot to give hubby my bags and had to run with them. Then there was a storm and Trina went a different way than we were supposed to and OMG the obstacle course (no there was not ACTUALLY an obstacle course within this race but my crazy mind dreamed one..)

This year it’s Princess Weekend. My first ever Disney race AND Challenge. I’m already freaking out and we still have 44 days left. I’m anxiety prone anyway. (I’m sure you are incredibly surprised at this fact.) But this is a bucket list item. Disney races are what truly sparked my love of running. It was the one I wanted to work toward. Don’t get me wrong, I WILL do another one someday but this is a big one.

I’m a snowballer. I’m worried about the race. I feel guilty spending all the money it takes. I feel guilty about taking time off work since we just took time off in October for vacation. Now our third person on the trip may not be able to go with us. It has turned in my head that I could get fired (even though I have vacation time available.). Or that my boss will think I don’t take my job seriously. Or…well you get the point. I’m driving hubby a bit crazy. Truthfully, I’m driving myself crazy too. I rarely take time off. One vacation a year and holidays. That’s it. We may not do any vacations throughout this year so there really isn’t a difference. I know these things but it’s hard to talk myself down once I get on the edge.

See what kind of crazy happens on a rest day!?

How are the rest of you feeling?