It’s THAT close….

It’s thrilling….and terrifying. Definitely need to get on the ball with my costumes. Training is going well but I’m still really nervous about doing this challenge. 47 Days. Wow. Any tips from challenge veterans are definitely welcome. 

I’m also feeling a little bit of guilt about the amount of money and the time off work…yeah, I’ll get over that. 

Today I did 3 miles and tomorrow will be 9.5-10 miles. I hit the hills at the park and did 5/2 intervals. I don’t know if that’s the intervals I will keep or not but it’s working to ease up ion whatever is going on with my toe. I did take the supportive insoles out of my shoes and put the originals back in. I feel like they may be causing me to over correct. 

The only downside to the run today is that they are tearing up my beautiful park! They are making some kind of trail where you can run a while then stop at exercise stations.I don’t know…All I know is that I am NOT happy with the destruction of all the pretty trees along the road. 

How is everyone else doing? Anyone going to be at Princess weekend? If so and you would be interested in a meet up let me know!! I would love to meet some new running friends along the way!