It’s officially 2016 and I’m still wondering how we got her so fast. Seriously, what happened to 2015. In less than two months, it will be time for Princess weekend. That fact is both exciting and terrifying to me. I have never done a challenge race before and I am starting to think I was crazy for choosing to do it. I haven’t started making my costumes and I thought I would have them done by now.

You mean you can’t just whip up a great costume on the first try without prior knowledge of sewing…what!?!

It’s also coming up on the two years of marriage mark which seems insane to me.  I feel like I was making bouquets and trying not to kill my cousin/matron of honor just yesterday.

That being said, I did get this year off to a good start. We had a fun little gathering of friends last night. I brought my camera and played blindly with it. I caught some decent pics too.

Like these beauties. Okay, I know they aren’t spectacular but you have to start somewhere, right?

This morning, I drug myself out of bed after just a few short hours of sleep and headed out for a free fun run I told a friend I would do before I realized we were actually socializing on New Year’s Eve. Hubby has become quite the homebody these days.

They had free cucumber shots for participants and the organizers let us know that our town is finally trying to get a new running group off the ground. Meeting in on the 7th at 7 and I just might try to go. My running buddy and I headed out at an easy pace since I have been dealing with my weird toe issue since the Hot Chocolate 15k. (I blame the hills. Damn you hills!) I put on the shoes I was using over the past year instead of my newer ones this time. I thought maybe rotating shoes more again would ease whatever is causing the toe crud. It did! I’ll wear the ones I have a bit longer and look for a good deal on some alternates for when these officially die.

We had fun with the run for sure. It was short and sweet. We weren’t fast but we got it done and even got some official encouragement along the way!


Isn’t that sweet!?!

I also made my first attempt at midrace selfies (yep, I was THAT girl today)

Who cares, though?! We had fun in the cold (it FINALLY feels like winter here!!) and we started the year off running! Tonight, hubby and I shall eat black eyed peas and lobster tail! (sorry but hog jowl just sounds disgusting…)

As for my new goals…stress less and run more! I’m aiming for 1000 total miles this year and will do more if I can! I can’t wait to see what this year brings.

How was your new year’s day? Any new goals?