I have been keeping up with my workouts, though I have not posted much lately. Christmas was awesome and I got the ultimate gift I have been wanting for a few years. A brand new DSLR camera. I’ll be learning how to use it and posting some about that along the way. I got some great gifts from the hubby and family. Of course, the food was great.I was in desperate need of a run by the time Christmas was over. A house full of people for an entire week is never easy for me. I’m still having odd toe pains so I am going to try rotating some shoes and maybe taking out the inserts in my main shoes. Is it possible to have too much correction?? I’ll have to buy some new shoes to rotate with too. The week was weird. Tornados in December.  My mother in-law got her purse snatched in Wal-mart parking lot a few days ago. 

So New year brings new challenges and I have not fully figured out mine yet. I will think it through and do a post about it tomorrow. 

Happy New Year everyone!!