Today my personal training started off a bit different. We keep forgetting to do the weighing and measuring days but we caught up today. I haven’t lost any weight, which is actually okay with me. I have, however, lost inches! There was an inch here and an inch and a half there but the total was 7.5 inches lost! I am super happy with the progress so far. I can even see some muscle definition coming out in my arms and legs. 

I ran yesterday but did not get in the mileage or time I wanted because of this weird toe pain. I did a mile but it hurt pretty bad as I ran so I had to come back in. I’m still not sure what is causing it and it’s worrying me. I hope it is gone tomorrow when I’m scheduled for my long run. I’m hoping to add some mileage over the weekend to make up for what I haven’t been able to do.