My personal training is still on point! It hasn’t gotten boring and I’m totally sticking to it since there is someone waiting on me to be there. I love my trainer, she’s incredible. She mixes things up for me, which keeps it fresh. It’s challenging but doesn’t feel like horrible work because we can girl talk throughout. When I can breathe, that is.

Its almost been a month since I started and I don’t want to stop. I can already see results from what we have done so far. My arms are getting toned and even my husband and trainer both said they could see differences in my shoulders/back. I get measured and weighed on Monday (I think) So I will be sure to post what I find out!

I haven’t been on my posting game lately and I am trying to improve that. I am sad to say that not much running has been done this week. I ran 1.5 miles on Tuesday and haven’t run since. I really, really hate cold weather and right now the frost makes it look like it snowed every morning. I will be running tomorrow and Sunday. Next weekend is the St. Louis Hot Chocolate 15k that my cousin and I are doing together. (Well, my husband’s cousin’s wife but I consider her my cousin.) Guys seriously, post some rude things if I don’t get my butt in gear. I give you permission to make me cry lol. I need to find the mojo I had in the warmer weather!


I added the last pic because I really want to be able to do those freaking things! I’m still doing assisted pull ups now!

How is everyone else doing? Any tips for getting motivated for running during the cold weather?