It has been nasty and rainy all weekend. My schedule for training got all switched around due to the holiday and I intended to run both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I was utterly lazy. Sunday I went to the gym, hopped on a treadmill for my long run (4-6 miles this week), and was delighted to find that Tangled was playing on the Disney channel. I was planning to try out a progression run (my version of one anyway) and see how that went. I started at a pace that was a bit slow for me. I did 2 miles at that pace and then pushed the speed up to what was just around the normal pace for me. It was actually below the normal. I usually can do around 12-11 on pavement but the 13 something felt pretty tough on the treadmill. I didn’t even get a mile into that portion and I started having hip and glute pain. I never have that on the pavement. I kept going, though. I was going to keep this pace then kick it up one more notch when I hit 4 miles. I ended up stopping at 4 miles because the hip and glute pain continued and then evolved into knee pain as well. I don’t play around with knee pain..

Today was back to the normal schedule and started with personal training. Leg day! She pushed me hard. The stairmaster is still the work of the Devil himself. I did an assortment of lunges and squats. There were extensions, presses, etc. The usual. We ended with some heavy duty ab work. She had me do the planks where you switch from elbows to push up position and back. Those were terrible when I did them the first time but were a bit easier this time. A very little bit easier. She said she could already see some definition in my shoulders too!! I’m pretty proud of the fact that I can do the leg lifts on the crazy chair without a seat contraption. I could not master those before since you have to hold yourself up with just your arms. I can do them now!