Happy Thanksgiving to all my American peoples! I cooked like crazy yesterday and started the day off with a nice 3 mile training run. My sweet Quinnie went with me for about 2.5 miles. 

It was a beautiful morning for the run. I took my brand new lined tights out for a run but they really weren’t necessary. I probably could have ran in shorts today! The sky was so pretty, like cotton candy. 

I didn’t pay attention to time since I had the doggy with me. She’s a bit ADHD  so I really have to be on alert when she’s with me. 

I had to help finish up the grand preparations when  got back. We ended up with enough for a few small armies.

and now family time followed by cocoa and movie 🙂 have a happy Thanksgiving you guys! (Or a great Thursday for anyone not celebrating!) 

This is how Midna coped with all the visitors!