I moved my long run from Saturday to Sunday because I had to run all over creation with last minute prep for a baby shower. I will spare you the rant about co-hosting with a friend that I love dearly. The main thing is it turned out wonderful and the mother to-be was very happy with it. She also was sweet enough to bring hostess gifts that neither of us expected. Free 30 minute massage! I hear a deep tissue massage calling my name in the coming weeks. Then I went to watch a local production of The Nutcracker Ballet with my lovely mother in-law. It was beautiful and she loved it. I’m talking edge of her seat love too!

So Sunday I ran 6.5 very cold miles in the park. I realized one thing very quickly. One pair of lined tights was not nearly enough. The only ones I had were still wet in the wash. I wore some regular tights and came out of the run pretty much a popsicle. The park was beautiful and still. It was a great run and I thought of my father in-law along the way. It was his birthday. He would have been 61.

I took care of the tights issue by going to Kohls and getting a great deal on another set of lined tights. I can’t wait to try them out.  Today was filled with cooking and baking since we are preparing to host our first Thanksgiving at our house. My mother in-law and I have been hard at work throughout the day.

The turkey in the oven!!

My gluten free pumpkin pie!