The first day I did training I told my husband I thought she went a bit easy on me. The next day I found out how wrong I was. The second day I thought I didn’t do enough abs and the day after I found out I was wrong again. Ihave learned my lesson. This girl knows exactly what she is doing and I won’t question that again. 

My girl is amazing! She starts me off on the stairmaster every session. That thing is the work of the devil. I get less winded on my long run than I do on the stairmaster. It works to get my heart rate going strong and pretty quickly. Today was the full body workout day and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The stairmaster was, of course, the beginning of the session and I breathlessly chatted with her about Thanksgiving and such as I struggled through the warm up. 

Next was some leg and glute work. She had me doing some modified jump squats  with a weight and the funky leg lifts where you hold yourself up on a chair looking contraption. I was pretty impressed with myself on that one. It relies so much on upper body strength and I have never been able to really do many of those. I did them today! I did three sets of ten of them with a little struggle. Then there was some more dynamic squats with planks in between the sets. 

I know better than to question whether she is being hard enough on me. I know she knows what she is doing and will be doing what is best for my needs. She is super fun to chat with too. I find myselt actually looking forward to cross training days. Runninng is still my number one workout love but this is going very well! 

And of course, this is always true…..

  I may never quite look like Wonder Woman but a girl can dream, right?
What about you lovely peeps? Any cross training that you love to do and ho is it going?