Our second day was spent gallivanting around Hollywood Studios. The first thing I have to say is that I am really really sad they closed the animation academy. I loved getting to learn how to draw my favorite Disney characters. In fact, the ones I have done the past two trips are hanging on my wall in front of me as I type this.

That being said, we had a wonderful day. A pastry and a yogurt for breakfast before hitting the rides. Star Tours was, of course, one of the first ones we went on. Hubby gets motion sickness so that one always puts him out of commission for a little while. We shopped and met Woody and Buzz. We hit all the photo stops we saw. It was a great day.

The table service we opted for this time was 50’s Prime Time Cafe. Last year we went to the Sci-Fi Dine In Theater and loved it but we wanted to try a new one this time. My goal is to try all the restaurants at some point. I wish I had taken pics in 50’s Prime time. The theme was so great. I loved the feeling of being in a 1950’s kitchen. The food was every bit as good as I had read about. I had the salmon and hubby had some kind of platter that had enough food to feed both of us. The dessert was amazing too. He had the PB&J milkshake and I had the apple cobbler a la mode. They called us “kids” and encouraged us to finish our plates. It was super cute!

We bought some fun art work that will go up in our bedroom. I’ve had the house for three years and barely done the decorating. I love the fact that my favorite shows are present in this park.

Castle above the Writer’s Stop and Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop.

We caught Fantasmic for the first time and it may have become one of my favorite shows offered in Disney World. I can’t believe we haven’t seen it before!!