I think I am finally getting back into my routine. Having the trainer is helpful with that too because I can’t make a last minute excuse and miss those cross training days. She would charge me anyway! I am still having a bit of a hard time getting my lazy self out of bed. It’s getting colder and my bed is so warm. If my husband or the cat is snuggling with me when the alarm goes off, it’s nearly impossible to make myself get up. 

I may not have gotten up as early as planned today but I did get up and I pushed through 3 miles. I think I am going to have to work my way back up to doing higher mileage in the mornings after being lazy for those three weeks. It wasn’t an easy run, even though I was just in my neighborhood and it is entirely flat. I was happy with it, though. I think it was more of a struggle because I wa pushing faster. I saw 10s and 9s a few times on the Garmin screen. I didn’t maintain those speeds the whole time but I did still get a solid 11:36 min/mile. This next month I’ll work to see if I can push myself into the solid 10s. My aim for Glass Slipper isn’t to finish fast, though, just to finish still standing (though I would crawl if it came down to it). Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with where I’m at. It’s not easy running with all your muscles sore either. Training must be working!