Saturday I ran the first race I have done in months and I’m pretty happy with the outcome. I got there early and met up with a friend that agreed to run it with me. Hubby had to do some work on the house, so my cheering section was one member short. I wasn’t quite as nervous as I usually get. This race last year did not go great but, considering I had a sprained ankle my time was pretty good. I had been struggling a bit with out runs and I decided I was not going to get preoccupied with my time. If I PR’d then great, if not that’s okay too.

I did a moderate Harley Quinn costume and ran in my new shoes. Maybe that’s what gave me luck. The course was incredibly confusing and less than half the volunteers had any energy. The ones that did made up for it. We kept a pace in the mid 11 to low 10 min/mile area and were pretty happy with that. 

When we hit mile 6, my friend told me she was going to kick it up a notch and bring it to 10 min/mile. Nothing feels longer than that last .2 at the end of the race. We did kick it up and I paced with her, shich was an accomplishment to me. Right as I approached the finishline I felt my kneecap sliding out of place. It’s the curse of being tall for me. I screamed because that’s my instinctive response when I feel it happening. Somehow, it decided to slip right back into place without fully dislocating and I soldiered on and crossed the finishline at 1:13:41 which is a PR for me by about 3 minutes. 

 We immediately celebrated with our free massages that were set up right past the finishline and then waited on the awards ceremony. I didn’t expect to get anything but my friend has won division awards before. We were confused when the first place person in her age group had a slower finish than she did. We were also surprised when she got 2nd place in the age group below her. 

When they posted the results, they had everything wrong. She was in the wrong age group. I was in the wrong age group and they put me two years younger than I am. They even dated the race wrong. It showed November 8, 2014. I emailed them and it took two days but they fixed it in time for me to submit it today for the POT for Princess weekend. 

I had a blast running this race with one of my favorite runner girls but I will say I was disappointed in how disorganized it was. It was a great cause and I was glad to support it but it would be nice if they were able to at least give people the awards they actually won. My girl here was given 2nd place but she actually won first. I was 5th in my division but I’m good with that. I wasn’t far from the third and fourth place people (they got  the exact same times as each other) so that proved to me that maybe I do have a chance sometime of getting a division award. I don’t know that I will run this race again due to the massive disorganization but I am glad I did it this year!