Well, I think I am at least close to getting back on track completely. I got up this morning before work and took to the leaf-covered hills of death at the local park. It was so beautiful out side and my pace wasn’t awful considering the amount of lazy that has taken hold lately. I had my brand new hydration belt that I was so excited to order and, for the second time in a row, I could not get water from the frigging bottle! I wanted leak proof not leak and drink proof. I am determined to figure this crazy contraption out. I am still getting used to the bouncing belt as well. I held an average pace of 12:15 min/mile which is pretty decent on the crazy hills out there.

Tomorrow I do something crazy. Well, crazy to me. I’m not so great with new situations when they are focused on me. I have a consultation with a personal trainer scheduled for tomorrow morning. I do get to sleep in a bit but I meet Mallorye at 11am to see what she can do for me and decide if I want to fork over my soul in exchange for her shaping me into a supermodel. Okay, so maybe that’s an exaggeration…she’s only a trainer, not a miracle worker lol I do truly need to step up my cross training game so I will just see how it goes!