Well, I did miss the first two weeks of official training for Glass Slipper and I thought I would be fine since I had done so much pre-training. I ran some last week but not what I was doing before. My long run Sunday was slowish but still okay. I had great companionship so that made all the difference too. Today i decided to get back in gear. It’s less than a hundred days until we do this thing and I don’t want to be ill prepared. I did 3.1 training miles this morning and tried out my brand new hydration belt that came in yesterday. 

It was a struggle. A little way into the first mile I looked down and it showed I was running in the 9 minute pace zone. I didn’t keep that pace but I did keep it in the mid to high 11 minute area and I was good with that. I wanted a drink when I hit one mile and that proved very difficult. Apparently I do not know how to properly use a leak proof water bottle because I ended up having to twist the top completely off to get any water. Hubby figured it out for me when I got home, though. I just ran in my super flat neighborhood so that I could get home and have breakfast before I head to work. Thursday I will try the park and put myself through some hills. My new shoes were amazing! They are so comfy and I can definitely feel the difference in stability as well. I still love my Ghost 7 and will keep them in rotation just a bit longer but the glycerins were definitely a great choice for me! 

I have several posts that I plann to put up here along the way when get time.  More Disney recaps because I like taking time to relive the moments we had in our favorite place and some thoughts on volunteering at a race over the weekend. Bare with me, I will catch up someday! 

In other news, Happy birthday to this guy! My handsome hubby turns 29 today and gets to be the same age as me for roughly 24 hours!