To say I have been lethargic isn’t totally wrong. The week before we left was completely inactive. I have only done a couple runs since we returned but I don’t feel completely off track. I was pretraining already so missing the “long runs” of 3 and 4 miles on Galloway’s plan doesn’t make me feel all that bad. I will run at least 5 miles tomorrow morning and next weekend I have a 10k to try to improve my POT. 

Yesterday I went off plan a bit. I have been kicking around the idea of a personal trainer to getmy cross training in gear and my friend invited me to a little gym that had personal training group sessions on Thursdays. I adapted my schedule to fit the new plan and met my friend before class.

I don’t really know how to describe what we did. There was a couple times where we ran laps around the parking lot. We did a lot of arm and ab work. It was described by my friend as a tabata workout. All I know for sure is that it kicked my little booty. I’m still feeling the burn today. I’m good with that, though. It was the butt kicking I needed! Looking forward to my long run tomorrow and I get to work a race for the first time too!