I’m on an update rampage apparently. While on vacation, I was determined to have the full experience of being properly fitted with my perfect shoes. Thanks to Robyn for recommending the experience at Fit 2 Run. I went in after Hollywood Studios closed for the day. I changed into running clothes and went in. I am not always that great with new experiences. I like to blend into the crowd but it’s a little hard to do that when you are in two knee braces and running on a treadmill in the middle of the store.

I went in with knee braces on and ready to go. The representative was friendly and brought out a pair of Brooks after asking me which ones I had been wearing. I got up on the treadmill and did everything I could not to look at myself on the large television screen in front of me. The rep said not to so that I would not be tempted to change what I am naturally doing.

Hubby stood in front of the treadmill watching on the other screen and apparently took some pics on the sly.

After a few seconds of running, the guy slowed the treadmill back down and showed me what we were looking for versus what I was doing. He played the video of my feet as I ran and even put it in slow motion to show me points of interest. Then he had me stand on this other machine that showed points of pressure. It was a really neat set up that we do not have anywhere close to here at home. I ended up with some sweet new Brooks Glycerin 13 with insoles to help with my very slight overpronation. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learned a lot about the things I needed to look for in my shoes. I will definitely go back if given the chance.