The first day in the parks is pretty much always in Magic Kingdom. It’s kind of become a tradition for us to start and end our trip in MK. It’s my favorite park of all them for one big reason among many small reasons. We got engaged there.

The trip in 2013 was supposed to be special because it was my first trip to Disney ever. We did not stay on property and we had two friends with us. It was an amazing experience that I would not trade for anything. Magic Kingdom was our first park and hubby proposed behind the castle that evening. (He wanted to do it in front after the fireworks but the massive crowd made him back down.) We now have our special spot just behind the castle that we always visit and it makes my heart happy that the window is still decorated exactly as it was that night.

There were morning time extra magic hours and I drug hubby out of bed before the sun was up to make it in time for the welcome show. It was funny that I was the one with all the energy because I am NOT a morning person. We were a bit heartbroken to find there were no places open for breakfast. I had been dreaming of the nutella waffle sandwich from sleepy hollow for weeks. That didn’t stop us from having an amazing day. We roamed around riding rides and a few character meets all day.

Of course, we HAD to meet my favorite pixie!

We hung out with Chip and Dale

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We finally got to ride the Seven Dwarves Mine Train, which was not yet open when were were there last year for our honeymoon. We ended the day with dinner at Be Our Guest. It has never disappointed us once, and this time was no different. I had the most amazing lamb followed up by the grey stuff. (I mean, what else would you eat for dessert at BOG?!)

Memory Maker definitely came in handy, too but I plan on doing a separate post about that!

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I miss this place already!!!