I didn’t live up to what I thought I would do as far as posting during the trip. I plan to make up for that on the drive home. Which, sadly, is now. My first post is about the way I began my vacation. My first time in a Disney Resort Spa.

On the drive down, I realized I had forgotten to do my toenails in the haste of the trip preparations which prompted me to look into pedicures at the spas on Disney property. They were not as expensive as I thought they would be and hubby asserted that it would be a wonderful way to get relaxed for vacation. I gave in and booked a pedicure at the Mandara Spa at the Dolphin hotel.

I left hubby at Disney Springs and headed out on the bus. The hotel was absolutely beautiful and I felt a little under dressed at first. I had to take a minute to kind of take in the beauty of the hotel.

I checked in at the desk where the girls greeted me with “namaste.” They were extremely nice and escorted me in as soon as I got there to show me into the tea garden and the meditation room. Both rooms had hot tea and infused waters available. The left me in the room to relax and sip hot tea. I had a wonderfully comfortable seat and a beautiful view to enjoy.

Both rooms were decorated beautifully. The spa was Balinese inspired and my specialist told me that all of the wood work was imported from Indonesia.


The specialist was very nice and chatted easily with me. She brought me more hot tea and I ended up buying the Peach and Ginger tea to drink at home when I needed some relaxation. She expertly worked on my feet scrubbing off the calluses and she used some amazing cooling gels. We chatted easily as she worked, although she would have been content with me silently flipping through a magazine if that was my preference.

The chairs were super comfortable and the decor was beautiful in there as well. When she was finished working on me, she put hot towels on my legs and feet before coming back to apply the polish. She brought me another cup of tea to sip while my nails dried and told me I could feel free to relax in there or go back to the meditation room. She was also sweet enough to pull the tea I liked so much when I expressed the desire to have some for home.

It was a wonderful experience that I would gladly go back and do over and over again!