This is my current view! I have been super lazy this week and not done ANY running. I’ve had some stomach issues to battle but that wasn’t the real excuse. I was just lazy. 

TThe good news is that work is done until Nov 3 and I don’t even have to drive. Since that’s what I do all day at work, it’s nice to be in the passenger seat for a while! We left early this morning after hitting Starbucks for breakfast.We are now somewhere in AL near Birmingham I believe. We plan to arrive in Disney World early tomorrow morning. We will stop driving today just a few hours outside of Orlando. 

The soundtrack to our raodtrip is all Disney music, of course. The silly side of me comes out when it’s just me and the hubs. Lets just say, even he laughs when I sing “Gaston” Good thing there are no hidden cameras in this car! Hope everyone is having an amazing Saturday!