This weekend just flew by! There was so much to do that I feel like this is the first chance I have had to breathe. Work was super hectic Friday and pretty frustrating as well. I was glad to see the end of the work week. Hubby and I had a lot to get done at home too, however.

Anyone that knows us knows that we LOVE Halloween. We had our first Halloween party the year after I bought the house. Ironically, I closed on my house the day before Halloween in 2012. Good things happen fo us this time of year. The party was a huge success even though the decorations were nothing special and we barely managed to make the cupcakes for the party without burning the house down. They were some pretty freaking cool cupcakes in the end too. 

Saturday was our 3rd annual Halloween Bash. I had to get cleaning done, mow the lawn, weed eat, and fit in a run. My runner friends were participating in an endurance challenge that I didn’t sign up for. One ran 15 miles and the other ran 30 miles. They are true beasts. I did my 3 miles after cleaning up and dropped by the challenge to cheer for them when I finished. I mowed after that and took care of the last bits of party prep. 

Then came my favorite part of  Halloween. The costumes! 

  I was the fabulous fortune teller, Zalara. My friend loaned me most of the clothing to pull it off and my wig from last year came in quite handy. Tons of people showed up and it was pretty crazy! Friends, family, and employees from hubby’s work showed up. It was a blast. We played Cards Against Humanity and mingled. It was definitely a much needed night of fun and frivolousness. I even told fortunes for some of our friends and I wasn’t nearly as terrible at making crap up as I thought I would be. My acting skills are pitiful. It was a fun night with so many great friends. The festivities did take it out of me and I did not go do the double digit run I was going to do today. I’m not really stressing about that, though. Training is only officially beginning this week (I think) so I feel like I’m good. I’m enjoying the day of recovering and trying to return some semblence of order to my home before we leave for vacation this Saturday. 

Four work days left and then I am Disney bound. Friday I don’t work so that I can get the car ready for the trip and get my new hairstyle done. Tomorrow, I will be putting out all the fires I can and getting started taking care of things that need to be done at work before I leave. I’m so ready to be on the road. I actually enjoy the drive down with hubby as part of the whole vacation too. We sing and talk and just spend quality time with each other. We don’t always get the chance to do those things in quite the same way on a normal day. 

So today I leave you with some pics from the festivities. 

I have the best brother in-law. 

My serious fortune teller face.