Okay, so I started out typing a post about how I’m in a funk and slogging through my days and decided I was not going to do that.There has been enough of that in my posts already. I’m only minutes away from someone playing me the world’s smallest violin. 

This week hasn’t been the greatest but it really hasn’t been the worst either. It’s been average other than the beefcake at the gym throwing me into panic about turning 30 in less than a month. Seriously, saying “You look good for almost 30” and proceeding to tell me about how you will feel the negative changes in your body after you hit 30 is NOT a way to a girl’s heart. If she’s married, you should have taken the hint at the beginning and just let her do her ab work.

Instead i am going to write about what I am excited for. We talked about saying “I am” and watching what you put behind it today. Ethics trainings are super fun guys. It’s so true. If you put negatives behind it you will be negative. I choose to be positive today. 

I am excited about my halloween party with my friends this weekend. Some good drinks, a fun costume (Fortune teller!!!), and Cards Against Humanity are a recipe for fun with us. I get to test my horrible acting skills out too by telling phony fortunes. 

I am excited for my friends doing the endurance challenge Saturday! 12 hours of running, they are serious beasts! 

I am excited for Disney vacation in 10 days. Especially when I saw this in my email! 

   I love running in new places! Maybe this will be the restoration I need. 
I am excited for no phones and connecting with my hubby. No obligations! and I get to have a new, fun hair style

I am also excited about what I learned from the class today! I actually like training days. This one they asked about our goals and I said I wanted to run a marathon and try to qualify for Boston before I turn 40. I can get fast in 10 years, right!?! The instructor told me he thought I was 23 (take THAT beefcake!) and, at the break, another member of the class came over to talk running with me. He just finished a tri and his wife was a runner despite some pretty heavy physical issues. He was super encouraging and nice! I love talking to other runners and seeing how people who are complete strangers can invest a moment in giving someone else a positive word.