I may have some TMI in this post, just a warning. I’ve posted in the past about bathroom issues during and after runs and I think I know what’s going on. My running partner mentioned that I might want to try going gluten free. I toyed with the idea and thought nah, it’s not like I have a legit allergy or anything. Then I started thinking, many of the issues I have had actually HAVE followed meals of pasta, bread, cake…etc. I don’t have the worst diet ever but nutrition is definitely my weakest point.

I started researching then. I asked friends I knew that had sensitivity to gluten about their experiences. Come to find out, I DO have quite a few symptoms. The GI issues, hemorrhoids periodically, feeling tired and draggy, bloating….yep, all signs of gluten sensitivity.

So I ate more pasta and bread. I mean that’s the normal thing to do right?? Yeah, I’m brilliant like that. I honestly thought it was all in my head. As a therapist, I know that if you look hard enough for something you will find it even if it isn’t there. (That’s why you never read the side effects lists on medications, just saying.)

Last night, hubby worked until closing at the store. e has moved to Assistant Manager so his hours will be more frequent and this will be a thing. I decided to eat a crapload of pasta along with a nice baked sweet potato. It was easy and he could chow down on what I didn’t eat when he got home.

I instantly regretted it! The felt heavy and bloated. Then came constipation. I internally shook my head at myself. This morning Lindsay and I did 4 miles and clocked in around 12:30 min/mile. Not bad. Not awesome but not bad. Especially considering neither of us wanted to get up and had not done any exercise in days. It’s been a crazy bad funk this week. We only stopped to walk one time and I didn’t ask for the break! So proud of myself for that. She pushed me through the hills and we pushed slightly harder at the end of the run. I felt the heaviness of the gluten in my stomach the whole way and barely escaped the bathroom issue during the run.

The decision is in. I am going to do some heavy research and start cutting back on gluten. I will let myself off the hook for the Disney trip because I want to eat whatever I want while I am there as kind of a last good bye. Once we are back to reality, it’s goodbye breads and pastas and hello new gluten free recipes. i’ll cut i out for a month and reintroduce it to see if there is a change. If so, I’ll commit. Pray for me. I love pasta and bread, even if they do not love me.