October 2015

Road Tripping!

This is my current view! I have been super lazy this week and not done ANY running. I’ve had some stomach issues to battle but that wasn’t the real excuse. I was just lazy. 

TThe good news is that work is done until Nov 3 and I don’t even have to drive. Since that’s what I do all day at work, it’s nice to be in the passenger seat for a while! We left early this morning after hitting Starbucks for breakfast.We are now somewhere in AL near Birmingham I believe. We plan to arrive in Disney World early tomorrow morning. We will stop driving today just a few hours outside of Orlando. 

The soundtrack to our raodtrip is all Disney music, of course. The silly side of me comes out when it’s just me and the hubs. Lets just say, even he laughs when I sing “Gaston” Good thing there are no hidden cameras in this car! Hope everyone is having an amazing Saturday!


The Eventful Weekend

This weekend just flew by! There was so much to do that I feel like this is the first chance I have had to breathe. Work was super hectic Friday and pretty frustrating as well. I was glad to see the end of the work week. Hubby and I had a lot to get done at home too, however.

Anyone that knows us knows that we LOVE Halloween. We had our first Halloween party the year after I bought the house. Ironically, I closed on my house the day before Halloween in 2012. Good things happen fo us this time of year. The party was a huge success even though the decorations were nothing special and we barely managed to make the cupcakes for the party without burning the house down. They were some pretty freaking cool cupcakes in the end too. 

Saturday was our 3rd annual Halloween Bash. I had to get cleaning done, mow the lawn, weed eat, and fit in a run. My runner friends were participating in an endurance challenge that I didn’t sign up for. One ran 15 miles and the other ran 30 miles. They are true beasts. I did my 3 miles after cleaning up and dropped by the challenge to cheer for them when I finished. I mowed after that and took care of the last bits of party prep. 

Then came my favorite part of  Halloween. The costumes! 

  I was the fabulous fortune teller, Zalara. My friend loaned me most of the clothing to pull it off and my wig from last year came in quite handy. Tons of people showed up and it was pretty crazy! Friends, family, and employees from hubby’s work showed up. It was a blast. We played Cards Against Humanity and mingled. It was definitely a much needed night of fun and frivolousness. I even told fortunes for some of our friends and I wasn’t nearly as terrible at making crap up as I thought I would be. My acting skills are pitiful. It was a fun night with so many great friends. The festivities did take it out of me and I did not go do the double digit run I was going to do today. I’m not really stressing about that, though. Training is only officially beginning this week (I think) so I feel like I’m good. I’m enjoying the day of recovering and trying to return some semblence of order to my home before we leave for vacation this Saturday. 

Four work days left and then I am Disney bound. Friday I don’t work so that I can get the car ready for the trip and get my new hairstyle done. Tomorrow, I will be putting out all the fires I can and getting started taking care of things that need to be done at work before I leave. I’m so ready to be on the road. I actually enjoy the drive down with hubby as part of the whole vacation too. We sing and talk and just spend quality time with each other. We don’t always get the chance to do those things in quite the same way on a normal day. 

So today I leave you with some pics from the festivities. 

I have the best brother in-law. 

My serious fortune teller face. 



Okay, so I started out typing a post about how I’m in a funk and slogging through my days and decided I was not going to do that.There has been enough of that in my posts already. I’m only minutes away from someone playing me the world’s smallest violin. 

This week hasn’t been the greatest but it really hasn’t been the worst either. It’s been average other than the beefcake at the gym throwing me into panic about turning 30 in less than a month. Seriously, saying “You look good for almost 30” and proceeding to tell me about how you will feel the negative changes in your body after you hit 30 is NOT a way to a girl’s heart. If she’s married, you should have taken the hint at the beginning and just let her do her ab work.

Instead i am going to write about what I am excited for. We talked about saying “I am” and watching what you put behind it today. Ethics trainings are super fun guys. It’s so true. If you put negatives behind it you will be negative. I choose to be positive today. 

I am excited about my halloween party with my friends this weekend. Some good drinks, a fun costume (Fortune teller!!!), and Cards Against Humanity are a recipe for fun with us. I get to test my horrible acting skills out too by telling phony fortunes. 

I am excited for my friends doing the endurance challenge Saturday! 12 hours of running, they are serious beasts! 

I am excited for Disney vacation in 10 days. Especially when I saw this in my email! 

   I love running in new places! Maybe this will be the restoration I need. 
I am excited for no phones and connecting with my hubby. No obligations! and I get to have a new, fun hair style

I am also excited about what I learned from the class today! I actually like training days. This one they asked about our goals and I said I wanted to run a marathon and try to qualify for Boston before I turn 40. I can get fast in 10 years, right!?! The instructor told me he thought I was 23 (take THAT beefcake!) and, at the break, another member of the class came over to talk running with me. He just finished a tri and his wife was a runner despite some pretty heavy physical issues. He was super encouraging and nice! I love talking to other runners and seeing how people who are complete strangers can invest a moment in giving someone else a positive word.

Admitting Defeat

I may have some TMI in this post, just a warning. I’ve posted in the past about bathroom issues during and after runs and I think I know what’s going on. My running partner mentioned that I might want to try going gluten free. I toyed with the idea and thought¬†nah, it’s not like I have a legit allergy or anything.¬†Then I started thinking, many of the issues I have had actually HAVE followed meals of pasta, bread, cake…etc. I don’t have the worst diet ever but nutrition is definitely my weakest point.

I started researching then. I asked friends I knew that had sensitivity to gluten about their experiences. Come to find out, I DO have quite a few symptoms. The GI issues, hemorrhoids periodically, feeling tired and draggy, bloating….yep, all signs of gluten sensitivity.

So I ate more pasta and bread. I mean that’s the normal thing to do right?? Yeah, I’m brilliant like that. I honestly thought it was all in my head. As a therapist, I know that if you look hard enough for something you will find it even if it isn’t there. (That’s why you never read the side effects lists on medications, just saying.)

Last night, hubby worked until closing at the store. e has moved to Assistant Manager so his hours will be more frequent and this will be a thing. I decided to eat a crapload of pasta along with a nice baked sweet potato. It was easy and he could chow down on what I didn’t eat when he got home.

I instantly regretted it! The felt heavy and bloated. Then came constipation. I internally shook my head at myself. This morning Lindsay and I did 4 miles and clocked in around 12:30 min/mile. Not bad. Not awesome but not bad. Especially considering neither of us wanted to get up and had not done any exercise in days. It’s been a crazy bad funk this week. We only stopped to walk one time and I didn’t ask for the break! So proud of myself for that. She pushed me through the hills and we pushed slightly harder at the end of the run. I felt the heaviness of the gluten in my stomach the whole way and barely escaped the bathroom issue during the run.

The decision is in. I am going to do some heavy research and start cutting back on gluten. I will let myself off the hook for the Disney trip because I want to eat whatever I want while I am there as kind of a last good bye. Once we are back to reality, it’s goodbye breads and pastas and hello new gluten free recipes. i’ll cut i out for a month and reintroduce it to see if there is a change. If so, I’ll commit. Pray for me. I love pasta and bread, even if they do not love me.


This day did not start or end well. A friend told me that there are no bad days, just hard ones and they do come to an end. I am confident that tomorrow WILL be a better day. That being said, I overslept and did not make it to my weight lifting class so there is no workout to talk about so I am going to mix it up a little bit. 

I am still in a funk. I have been in a funk for, well, I have no idea how long now. Maybe it’s because Disney Vacation is so close yet so far away (18 days, just saying). I have no idea what started it. Running has been one of my biggest bright spots in the week. I feel like I am progressing in that area. I mean I was able to maintain pace with the girls that are generally faster than me Monday night. I feel great in that area. 

Today, work frustrated me. People pretty much always frustrate me. I do have some great friends. (Cheryl, if you are reading this and not just favoriting the posts, you are one of those great people.) I have a wonderful husband and set of in-laws. I’m not unhappy just utterly frustrated. My hours at work are just whatever. They go through ups and downs and I am used to that. 

One of my big frustrations is coming from writing. Growing up writing was for me what running is for me now. I used it to escape everything. My parents arguing all the time, the town I hated, everything. I started writing stories as soon as I was able to put sentences together. I still have my stories I wrote in first grade. I took writing classes in college and it had always been a dream of mine to get published one day. I loved writing. I carried notbooks with me to family get togethers, vacations, and classes. It’s how I worked my own problems out and how I travelled to places I never thought I could ever go. My mother and I have a very difficult relationship. We were fairly close when I was a kid but it hasn’t been that way since I became more independent. We started on our downhill slide when I was in my senior year of college. When I moved back in for grad school, it continued to get worse. I dealt with things like I always did, by writing. My mother found my story and got incredibly angry. I guess it sounded a little too familiar and she confronted me. She was angry and waving the pages (I’m old school, what can I say) in my face. She probably doesn’t remember that even happening but I do. I haven’t been able to write a word of fiction since that day. Lately, I have been getting the itch to write. It’s gotten stronger and stronger but nothing will come out. Talking to the couple of teens I see that write like I did when I was their age makes it even worse. I am determined to break through this brick wall and figure out what I have to say.  Okay that’s all my ranting for the day.  

Early morning run

I really wanted to run more than the 2 miles I got in this morning. However, it’s staffing week at work so it just wasn’t possible. I got up before the sun thanks to the extra nudge from hubby. I recently found a cheap-o headlamp to make running in the dark a bit easier. 

It’s not the most attractive thing mut I figured it would work. It stunk! It bounced around on my head and kept sliding down. The light wasn’t nearly as bright as it looked inside and, it turns out, I didn’t really need it because my neighborhood is actually pretty well lit. 

I did learn that running like 5 days in a row have made my poor legs pretty tired but I am super thankful that I was still able to complete the run and my time wasn’t terrible either. It was nice to watch the sun rise during my run and I also got to try out a flip belt for the first time! My friend had one and she didn’t like it so she gave it to me to try. My verdict, I really like it! I could probably benefit from a slightly ssmaller sized belt but it did work really well just like it was. Looks like I know what I will be asking for on my birthday and Christmas. 

19 days until Disney Vacation! Countdown is getting real!! 


I promise I am alive and have been working hard. Last week my motivation was way off. I felt slow and tired most of the week. My times were okay and I really did run. I did Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and again today. I did one strength training class too. The concert was awesome but I woke up feeling awful the next morning. Headache, fatigue, the whole nine. Friday, I had to take a bathroom break in the middle of my four mile run and it was a near disaster. 

That’s when my friend suggested to me that I might want to try a gluten free diet. I started doing some research and I think that may be part of the problem. I love all things gluten. Pasta and bread are my favorites. Thinking about my week, I noticed that the headaches followed cupcakes, taco bell, and burger king. The fatigue early in the week followed birthday cake. Friday’s issues followed a firehouse sub and brownie. It kind of made sense. I continued to make bad decisions over the weekend. Olive Garden does have gluten free options but I decided to try a regular one. It did not go well. I felt so heavy and gross. I have done a little research and have found that the best way to test yourself to see if you have a sensitivity to gluten is to eliminate it from your diet for several weeks and then re-introduce it to see if there is an effect. I’m going to be lightening my gluten intake for now and will eventually (after much research) eliminate it and see what happens. 

In other news, there was a great run clinic tonight that I rearranged my schedule to attend. The local running store had a newton rep come out and they let us test their shoes. I liked mine a lot at first. Mile 2 I started having some pain in the knees so I figure I will just wait until I get fitted on vacation to decide what to buy. I did enjoy the run with my girls though. The whole gang was together again. Four of us ran in a group and I was actually one of the faster paced ones in our particular group so that made me feel good. I hope to catch upon my postings and my reading this week. 

Here are a few pics from my run Friday. I love our nature center.   


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