I have really been slacking off on both writing my posts and reading all of yours! If I blow up your notifications soon, I apologize because I do intend to catch up on my reading too. This weekend has been a pretty lazy one. My friend had her second half marathon and she did amazing. I rested yesterday and did my long-ish run today. I still go back and forth on the galloway plan. It’s a bit hard for me to get used to and I’m not all about running super hard for a short period of time and then walking etc. So far, I have been doing more running and using goals (I’ll get to the top of the hill and then take a short break. I’ll start running again at the stop sign, etc.) and it seems to be working well. My paces are about the same overall’ usually between the 11-13 minute range. 

My run was a tenth of a mile short of 4 miles. We had plans to do 8-10 but my friend was fighting food poisoning and I had a birthday dinner to get to so we went backto what my plan actually called for, which was four miles. We actually ran the course for the 5k race than went on yesterday and felt pretty great. It was a weird, dry heat day so toward the end we got some fatigue but we felt pretty good! I love running with my weekend girl. We are a good balance for each other. She is super patient with me and give me great advice. She’s also at the speed where she’s a little bit faster than me, so I will push harder than I might be inclined to alone. I make her pull back some, which keeps her from going out too fast. We feel very in tuned when we run and it’s so nice to have that. We respect what each other can do and encourage each other in every way. I love my weekend runs for the distance but also for the friendship. Good company makes the miles seem a little less hard. 

Afterward, we went to my sister in-law’s house to eat cake and ice cream for her birthday. Her actual birthday is Tuesday and we will be getting down to Janet Jackson. I am super lucky to have awesome in-laws. That all being said, tomorrow is Monday. Me and Monday, we are not friends. Monday means work and, although I love my job, I’m so ready for a break. We have 28 days until we show up in Orlando for our vacation and I know these will be the longest 28 days of our lives. These babies came in the other day, so that made it more real… 

I keep threatening to put my Magic Band on and wear it every day until vacation but hubs didn’t think that was a good idea. Party pooper. I’ve also threatened to go ahead and pack my bags. It’s not like I can wear an Ariel dress to work right!?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I will be catching up on your posts soon!