I’ve been absent for a bit for no reason other than I was too worn out at the end of the day to get on and write. Today, my long run has been moved to tomorrow (I think) because my friend wasn’t able to go this mornign but can tomorrow. I may head out in a little while for a solo run anyway. Training has been going good. Iron Pump class was killer on Wednesday and Spin was great yesterday. I did a super slow run…well, walk…with my friend that had been absent from our group runs lately. I got the four miles in and had some much needed talking time with her, so I didn’t care about the pace. 

So the dilemma part. For some reason I got to thinking about GSC yesterday and how I am hoping to do Character stops. Currently my pace is bouncing between 11-13 min/mile on my long runs. I think I am going to put in some speed work on weekdays to help improve times and such. When I registered, I wasn’t required to put in a POT but some of the runDisney groups I’m in have suggested doing so when I asked about time for character stops with the pace I have. I have a legit 10k time from last October that registers around 12 min/mile and I could submit that or I could register for a 10K a few days after my birthday and try to beat my time. That gives me literally a day to submit it if I’m remembering the deadline right.  So the question I have to ask myself is do I take the time I have or try to beat that time and cut it really close?

The funny thing about the 10K I would be doing is that it is the same one that has gone down in history as the worst race I have ever run. I ran it last year as a birthday thing for myself. There was no medal, which I kind of figured since it was only 25$. I had gone for a run with my crazy Jack Russell pup (I blame myself for her crazy. We doomed ourselves by naming her Harley Quinn.) and hurt my ankle earlier in the week. I stayed off the ankle and thought I would be fine to race. I was incredibly wrong. I was okay for the first four miles. Then I started limping. It hurt a little but I thought I could manage. Wrong. I walked from mile 5 to mile 6. When I saw the finishline I thought I am going to run this in! Even though, I could barely walk I managed to run that last 0.2 through the finishline. There were only 3 people at that finishline. My husband, a lady that took my chip off my shoe, and a guy on the computer. There was no photographer and the only one cheering was my hubby. It was quite disappointing. I wasn’t dead last either and my time was only about 10 minutes under my last 10K PR. Of course, that was the last time I was able to even limp for a month. I spent my birthday on crutches and worried constantly about if I was going to be able to complete my first half marathon 3 months later with such an enormous setback.  Despite all that I do think I am going to sign up and go for it. Maybe I’ll come up with a really good POT for Princess. 


The theme for the race was Run Crazy so here’s this little gem. Just imagine seeing me limping through a race in this getup!