I’ve wanted to post a facebook rant all day but that’s not my style. I’ll post one here instead. I love running. I even love the runs that I actually hate while doing them. The medals I get are not a way of bragging. They are a symbols of the struggles and triumphs along the way to that finish line. Not just in the race itself but in the training process. Each medal has a story just like the teapots at my Aunt Elizabeth’s house. I hope someday that my kids and grandkids will love hearing the stories of those medals the way I loved hearing about those teapots. I also love the feeling of the strength in my body. I have a respect and love for it that I never had before. I am super fortunate that my husband is crazy supportive of my running, despite not being a runner himself. I have found deep friendships with other runners both in person and via this wonderful site. I just hate hearing negative statements from non-runner friends. One told me today that they “would never pay to do some silly race.” I know they don’t understand but to be brazen about it to a friend just really gets me. Okay, enough ranting. 

I have been a little off schedule this week but I’m not stressing over it. I took an unscheduled rest day yesterday and I felt okay about it seeing as how the run Sunday was pretty rough. I had to take an advil PM to sleep last night and it knocked me out so hard that I slept right through all my alarms. Luckily, I got off work in time to go for an evening run. This is not something I am used to or even good at doing. Usually, I prefer to talk myself out of evening workouts. Therapy is mentally draining. I did it, though. Rather than run in the neighborhood, dipping in an out of coves, I decided to head out to the trails at our park. I didn’t get a full 4 miles in because I needed to get home in time for hubs too cook steaks and we really prefered not to eat at 10pm. 

It was a slow, easy run. I didn’t worry about pace and even stopped to take some pictures. Every now and then I forget how pretty our local park really is. The same old sights can get boring at times but that’s simply because you are taking them for granted. It got me to thinking about how I truly do love this little park. It was the place it all began for me. I went on picnics with hubs there when we first started dating. It was the first place I ever ran. Somewhere in the middle of that lake is a tarnished cross necklace from an ex-boyfriend that I threw in there long before I met my hubby. It’s theplace where I got my greatest injury and it’s the place where I slogged through numerous slow miles to get to where I am today. One day, I will take my kids for walks there and tell them stories about the things we experienced on those trails. Who knows, maybe my kids will find their love of running on that same trail.  I guess I am just sentimental tonight. I just love to think about what the past has taught me and what the future can hold. Before you start thinking it, I am NOT pregnant but it is a hope for the future. My run itself was just a run. The miles werent spectacular and speedy but they were mine. My knees were a bit cranky with me today but my pace wasn’t too horrible, even with the stopping for pics. Speaking of which, here are some of the no filter beauties I captured in order to share a piece of Arkansas running with my long distance pals.