I took today as a rest day. The whole week has been pretty exhausting so I guess I was due for one. It was still a fairly productive day. I worked and then had girl time with my favorite girly. Coffee, cupcake, bikini shopping,  kitty litter buying, and late night arby’s run. I love Friday girl time. I also picked up some sweet running tunes. I have not bought music in quite a while so my playlist was getting a little overused and hubs gets cranky if I get us too close to going over our data with Spotify. My choices from today… The entire first album (deluxe edition) of Awolnation. They always seem to make me power through hard runs. Sugar by Maroon 5. and Fight Song by Rachel Platten. I’m in love with that last one! I have rocked out to it all day long in the car and plan to use it when I do my magic mile tomorrow. I was super bummed because my mileage for tomorrow was so low that I would not be able to run with my Saturday girl. It all worked out though because, this week at least, Saturday girl is becoming my Sunday pal. She has to teach a barre class in another town so she won’t be at the run tomorrow either. We both need about 8 miles Sunday, though, so we will meet up at a new park and try some new loops. Yay! Tomorrow’s plan is a magic mile and a cool down mile. Then grocery shopping and watching the live action Cinderella with hubs and his mom. Looking to be a good weekend all in all.