In therapy, I tell clients to fight the urge to skip the appointment following a break through. I’ve worked the job for around 5 years now and every time a client has a massive break through, they try to dodge the next appointment. Fear of what they will discover about themselves or something. I think this may relate to running too. Tuesday’s run was so glorious that I really looked forward to today’s run…..until today. I don’t know what my deal was, honestly. It took me forever to drag my lazy butt out of bed and reluctantly put on my running clothes. Even my favorite running skirt did not make me want to get out the door. I argued with myself for about 20 minutes before I finally got up. I haven’t been like that on a running day that I can remember. I did it though. My heart wasn’t in it but I did it. The sky was beautiful and it was only a little hotter than it was Tuesday but I still had to force myself to get at least three miles in. I wanted to stop at two but I made myself go into the little neighborhood just far enough from mine that I would have to get in the minimum 3 miles. My pace wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t as good as Tuesday’s. I went back to intervals in order to get through the run. I’m debating on skipping spin class tomorrowso I can have a true rest day. Saturday I have to do one mile followed by 8 Sunday. With the small mileage Saturday, I felt it was kind of a rest day. I guess I’ll play it by ear and see how I feel in the morning. In good news, only 38 days until Disney Vacation with hubby!