It feels amazing here! The cool temps in the morning has been so perfect. It makes me want to run every morning instead of the alloted ones. My cross training has recently been pretty pathetic so I am fighting the run every day urge so that I can do better with it. Yesterday I hit the gym at the ungodly 5:30 am time for my first Iron Pump class in ages! It wasn’t easy but I made it through and was in a great mood for the rest of the day. Today’s run was in glorious 56 degree weather and I loved every minute! I ran straight through the 4 miles with only one walk break. I ended up with a pretty solid pace too! It was mid 11 minutes and I felt like I could go forever! I wanted to add more miles but I was supposed to have a 9 am appointment. Turns out, I could have done the extra miles. All my morning appointments cancelled so I had plenty of time. I even got my lawn mowed, which was desperately needed. I’m so pumped about fall running that I can barely stand it!