It was one of those rare, glorious mornings here in beautiful Arkansas. I was due for my long run with my Saturday girl again. Those have come to be my favorite runs. She keeps me honest, motivated, and the conversation is great. I love my running friends! I arrived downtown before she did and sat with the other people I have never actually ran with before because, let’s face it, they are speed demon beasts that I can only dream of keeping up with. (One day, one day….) It was actually a little cold while we were all waiting to start. There were people even talking about how they thought about bringing a sweat shirt or jacket with them. There wasn’t a bit of humidity which was a relief! The air here can smother you at times and it’s no fun to run like that.

We set off with the intention to at least try for 10 miles. I needed 8 and she needed between 8 and 10. We set off down the greenway and looped through the university, past the early morning arrivals at tailgate park. We conquered the hill of death twice in our run. Our pace was pretty good. We both felt amazing and light on our feet. She had some flare ups with muscle cramps periodically but it was nothing that held her back. Then I started to feel like I need to go to the bathroom right around mile 3 (after the first hill of death visit). I kept going, though, and figured the feeling would go away. By mile 4 I knew I was going to have to stop. There were no bathrooms in sight so we had to get over the hill of death for the second time and hit the same gas station I had to stop at last time. We got there around mile 5.

We still felt good when we started back up after my pit stop but it put us behind and we were in a time crunch because she had somewhere to be. We decided to stop with 8 miles and and headed back toward the car. It felt harder on the way back. Partially because we took that break and partially because the wind was from the front of us and felt brutal. We finished up in pretty good time even with the bathroom stop and some walk breaks we took. I am just so tired of the bathroom issues. I’m going to change up my food before my runs and see if that helps. I also want to push myself to take less walk breaks. I’m fortunate because my running partner is super understanding and does not seem to mind the need for a bathroom stop. Hopefully the diet change will eliminate the need for one though and we can really fly. Next week I start the back to back runs to get ready for the Glass Slipper Challenge so I may not be able to hang with my partner on Saturday. That part makes me sad but I am looking forward to getting into the meat of the training.

Does anyone else have bathroom issues that get in the way during long runs? Any tips for getting rid of them?