Yesterday was the kind of day where I wanted to go home, crawl back under the covers, and eat a large bowl of brownie batter. You guys should be proud of me that I resisted. It wasn’t easy. I had some very confidence destroying issues at work. The great news is, today is a brand new day. I did not want to get out of bed. The debate in my head was a close one and a combination of the cool morning weather and wanting to do spin class tomorrow forced me to get up. 

It was a great decision! My neighborhood is not my favorite place to run. It’s all flat and not a lot of pretty scenery. I run past the neighbor kids getting on the bus and sometimes the sun will be pretty over the houses. I comitted to a minimum of 3 miles. I got going and was so glad I didn’t talk myself out of it. The 3 miles went by and I felt like I could keep going forever. My pace was pretty good. It was considerably faster  than some of my other runs. I stayed in the 11 minute zone. It was the lower end of 11 minutes but I’ll take it. I’m going to do spin class tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it. I feel like it has been boosting my speed some. Hopefully, I’ll get some speed work in during the next couple of weeks as well. 

RunDisney diid get back to me and they are unable to switch my registration. I kind of figured that but it didn’t hurt to try. I’m super excited still about going to run Princess weekend and earn my first Glass Slipper Challenge medal. I’ll have to start thinking about my costumes now! I am still having some consistency issues so if any of you want to do long distance accountability email me! Here’s to a great brand new day today! 

Random bonus pic suspicious Thor eyeing hubs..