This weekend, my training plan calls for a magic mile. I didn’t want to bother with it tomorrow since I’ll get to run with my Saturday girl. I decided at the last minute to do it during the first mile of my morning run today (make up from yesterday). I glanced at my watch every now and then to see what I was at. I nearly freaked when I say 9:55 on my watch at one point. I couldn’t hold that pace for the whole mile. I did however, end up with 10:50. I was pretty happy with that for now! The rest of the run I decided to disregard pace and do what I wanted and felt. The ending total pace was still pretty decent, though I don’t recall the exact pace. I’m far too lazy to go get the watch in the other room where it’s currently charging up for tomorrow and check. 

The view was gorgeous this morning, even though I was running in our neighborhood. I had tow moments where I did want to burst into tears. There is a bunny that resides in the backyard in a brush pile. That bunny is named Diana, after Wonder Woman (yes I named the bunny, don’t judge me). I love her. She is the only reason that stupid brush pile has remained in my backyard for almost two years. As I ran through the neighborhood, I passed not one but two dead bunnies and I haven’t seen Diana in several days. Yes, this makes me extremely sad. I’m very glad I’m running downtown tomorrow. I really don’t want to run by those poor bunnies again. 

Tomorrow, I run a 10k with my awesome Saturday girl and can’t wait! She’s going to school me in meal prep and paleo possibly too. I really need to work on my nutrition. It’s terrible and I cannot bring myself to drink another protein shake. 

How is everyone else doing? Any fun Labor Day weekend plans or runs?