I figured this morning would be a tough run. I haven’t done a lot of back to back running and yesterday’s magic mile was fairly intense for me. I figured my legs would be a bit tired. What I had not accounted for was the fact that our favorite couple friends were going to be coming over last night. We haven’t had a friend night in a while and no alcohol in a very long time. The hubbys made the trip for the goodies while my bestie and I hung out at the house. 

Bad choices were made. Lots of alcohol and very little water intake during the evening was not a good idea. Hubby went to bed a good couple of hours before I did. I was sincerely enjoying the conversation and we were cathing the sobering up portion of the night. I have significant family issues that I rarely talk seriously about to anyone outside the inner circle. Everyone else gets the side of me that makes jokes and laughs it off to make it seem like it’s all hunky dorey and this therapist is coping like a pro. That side of me is a lie about 15% of the time. It does bother me. It does suck to have the kind of crap I have to deal with. We stayed up talking until past 2 am. At which point, I was all Guys I really need more than an hour of sleep. I got about 2.5 hours of sleep and woke up with a racing heart, half hoping the group run was called off and I could sleep off what was left of the effects from the previous night. That did not happen and, honestly, I’m glad it didn’t. I absolutely love my Saturday girl. 

I got to the meeting spot and informed of her my bad choices the night before and the queasy feeling in my stomach. She responded with If you puke, there’s no judgement here. That’s true friendship guys. We set off with the group for a 10k out and back run down our greenway that still hasn’t been fully completed. We ran with no walk breaks through the first two miles andwere getting a pretty decent pace. We chatted and caught up with each other, which was great. Periodically, I felt myself losing steam and would request a walk break. She would respond with something like when we get to that stop sign.  or start running again at the end of this fence. I love that she didn’t go easy on me. I love that she pushed me when I felt like giving in. I love that we both pushed through simply because we were envisioning the eggs and bacon we were going to consume together afterward. I’m proud to say I made it all the way through and I did it without puking. On top of that, it was one of our faster times for the long run.  That being said, will I consume a large quantity of alcohol and only sleep 2.5 hours before a long run ever again? Absolutely freaking not. Lesson learned….now I have to go mow the lawn. It’s a good thing it’s a 3 day weekend.