I overslept yesterday and didn’t get my run in. My whole day reflected that. Today I got my butt in gear. I ran in my neighborhood so I would be close in case I had any problems with my knees. Hubby was still asleep but was only a phone call away if needed. I wouldn’t call it a glorious run but it was a run and I did it. I felt pretty good for the most part. I felt especially good about my speed. It was in the solid lower end of 11 min/mile. It’s not super fast but it’s an improvement for me. It felt great to be back out on the pavement, for the most part. I did start feeling sick at about 2.5 miles so I just stuck to 3 miles for the day. I’m hoping to add some extra time in the next run tomorrow. Then spin class on Friday! I’m actually really enjoying the class and I think I’ll keep it in the schedule after going back to lifting too. My gym has some good strength training classes as well so I may put those in rather than doing my own thing. I feel a little more accountable that way.