Well, thanks to my rest day I woke up incredibly sore today. The Memorial Saturday went very well. We all managed to hold it together, for the most part, until they played what we all refer to as “that damned song” (okay that’s what I call it when my Mother in-law isn’t around.) The song in reference is “Go Rest High Up On That Mountain.” It was literally the only non-secular song Captain actually liked and it’s brutal in this type of situation. We are fortunate enough to have amazing friends and family that come together tightly in these types of situations. The get together at his Aunt’s house was great. Everyone in that family loves each other with all their hearts, including us non-blood relations. One of his cousins was a big influence on me as far as getting into running and she was there so I got to have some runner chat, which is always nice. She lives in St. Louis which is a good distance from us, so our face to face chats are sparse. 

Sunday, my brother in-law got us all in his truck and took us to the lake. We went out on his boat, did some swimming, and went tubing. It was my first time ever and the first start I got was not a good one. I did pretty good though and we all had a blast. Hanging on for dear life was more of an upper body workout than I have gotten in a long time! Even my mother in-law got on the tube and was able to have a day of smiles and laughter. We brought our two dogs and they got to go for a swim. It was the perfect ending to a really tough week. 


Isn’t my mom in-law the cutest!? 

Today I took an actual rest day and did work. My knee is feeling ten times better. I still had some swelling today but not much and no pain. I think I’ll even be able to go for a decent run tomorrow. I have to keep up my training because the cousin I talked about earlier invited me to do the Hot Chocolate 15k with her and hubs agreed! Looks like I’ll get a girl’s St louis weekend that also comes with an awesome looking running jacket AND chocolate!! I had a massive weak moment nutrition-wise tonight. Hubs was working and I forgot to set out anything to cook. I had beeferoni, chips and cheese dip, and ice cream while watching Girl Meets World….dont judge me…..at least I did resist sodas all week despite them being all over the place. 


My beautiful sister in-law and me