September 2015


Okay guys. I’m not going to lie. I didn’t run today. I meant to. I really, really did but I prefered to stay in bed. I tried to say I overslept but that was a lie. I could have ran. I don’t feel guilty, though. Training for most people doing Princess has not started yet and I’m doing pretty good with mine. I liked sleeping in and being a regular person. But only for one day. If we don’t get back super late tonight, I will either go for a run in the morning or go the iron pump class at the gym. I’m not going to stress, though, because it is my sister in-law’s birthday and we are eating cupcakes and going to see Jant Jackson in concert. I’ll talk with you lovely people when I get back from seeing the original Ms. Nasty! Toodles! 



Last Minute Run 

I have really been slacking off on both writing my posts and reading all of yours! If I blow up your notifications soon, I apologize because I do intend to catch up on my reading too. This weekend has been a pretty lazy one. My friend had her second half marathon and she did amazing. I rested yesterday and did my long-ish run today. I still go back and forth on the galloway plan. It’s a bit hard for me to get used to and I’m not all about running super hard for a short period of time and then walking etc. So far, I have been doing more running and using goals (I’ll get to the top of the hill and then take a short break. I’ll start running again at the stop sign, etc.) and it seems to be working well. My paces are about the same overall’ usually between the 11-13 minute range. 

My run was a tenth of a mile short of 4 miles. We had plans to do 8-10 but my friend was fighting food poisoning and I had a birthday dinner to get to so we went backto what my plan actually called for, which was four miles. We actually ran the course for the 5k race than went on yesterday and felt pretty great. It was a weird, dry heat day so toward the end we got some fatigue but we felt pretty good! I love running with my weekend girl. We are a good balance for each other. She is super patient with me and give me great advice. She’s also at the speed where she’s a little bit faster than me, so I will push harder than I might be inclined to alone. I make her pull back some, which keeps her from going out too fast. We feel very in tuned when we run and it’s so nice to have that. We respect what each other can do and encourage each other in every way. I love my weekend runs for the distance but also for the friendship. Good company makes the miles seem a little less hard. 

Afterward, we went to my sister in-law’s house to eat cake and ice cream for her birthday. Her actual birthday is Tuesday and we will be getting down to Janet Jackson. I am super lucky to have awesome in-laws. That all being said, tomorrow is Monday. Me and Monday, we are not friends. Monday means work and, although I love my job, I’m so ready for a break. We have 28 days until we show up in Orlando for our vacation and I know these will be the longest 28 days of our lives. These babies came in the other day, so that made it more real… 

I keep threatening to put my Magic Band on and wear it every day until vacation but hubs didn’t think that was a good idea. Party pooper. I’ve also threatened to go ahead and pack my bags. It’s not like I can wear an Ariel dress to work right!?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I will be catching up on your posts soon!

A Little Dilemma

I’ve been absent for a bit for no reason other than I was too worn out at the end of the day to get on and write. Today, my long run has been moved to tomorrow (I think) because my friend wasn’t able to go this mornign but can tomorrow. I may head out in a little while for a solo run anyway. Training has been going good. Iron Pump class was killer on Wednesday and Spin was great yesterday. I did a super slow run…well, walk…with my friend that had been absent from our group runs lately. I got the four miles in and had some much needed talking time with her, so I didn’t care about the pace. 

So the dilemma part. For some reason I got to thinking about GSC yesterday and how I am hoping to do Character stops. Currently my pace is bouncing between 11-13 min/mile on my long runs. I think I am going to put in some speed work on weekdays to help improve times and such. When I registered, I wasn’t required to put in a POT but some of the runDisney groups I’m in have suggested doing so when I asked about time for character stops with the pace I have. I have a legit 10k time from last October that registers around 12 min/mile and I could submit that or I could register for a 10K a few days after my birthday and try to beat my time. That gives me literally a day to submit it if I’m remembering the deadline right.  So the question I have to ask myself is do I take the time I have or try to beat that time and cut it really close?

The funny thing about the 10K I would be doing is that it is the same one that has gone down in history as the worst race I have ever run. I ran it last year as a birthday thing for myself. There was no medal, which I kind of figured since it was only 25$. I had gone for a run with my crazy Jack Russell pup (I blame myself for her crazy. We doomed ourselves by naming her Harley Quinn.) and hurt my ankle earlier in the week. I stayed off the ankle and thought I would be fine to race. I was incredibly wrong. I was okay for the first four miles. Then I started limping. It hurt a little but I thought I could manage. Wrong. I walked from mile 5 to mile 6. When I saw the finishline I thought I am going to run this in! Even though, I could barely walk I managed to run that last 0.2 through the finishline. There were only 3 people at that finishline. My husband, a lady that took my chip off my shoe, and a guy on the computer. There was no photographer and the only one cheering was my hubby. It was quite disappointing. I wasn’t dead last either and my time was only about 10 minutes under my last 10K PR. Of course, that was the last time I was able to even limp for a month. I spent my birthday on crutches and worried constantly about if I was going to be able to complete my first half marathon 3 months later with such an enormous setback.  Despite all that I do think I am going to sign up and go for it. Maybe I’ll come up with a really good POT for Princess. 


The theme for the race was Run Crazy so here’s this little gem. Just imagine seeing me limping through a race in this getup!

Pet Peeves

I’ve wanted to post a facebook rant all day but that’s not my style. I’ll post one here instead. I love running. I even love the runs that I actually hate while doing them. The medals I get are not a way of bragging. They are a symbols of the struggles and triumphs along the way to that finish line. Not just in the race itself but in the training process. Each medal has a story just like the teapots at my Aunt Elizabeth’s house. I hope someday that my kids and grandkids will love hearing the stories of those medals the way I loved hearing about those teapots. I also love the feeling of the strength in my body. I have a respect and love for it that I never had before. I am super fortunate that my husband is crazy supportive of my running, despite not being a runner himself. I have found deep friendships with other runners both in person and via this wonderful site. I just hate hearing negative statements from non-runner friends. One told me today that they “would never pay to do some silly race.” I know they don’t understand but to be brazen about it to a friend just really gets me. Okay, enough ranting. 

I have been a little off schedule this week but I’m not stressing over it. I took an unscheduled rest day yesterday and I felt okay about it seeing as how the run Sunday was pretty rough. I had to take an advil PM to sleep last night and it knocked me out so hard that I slept right through all my alarms. Luckily, I got off work in time to go for an evening run. This is not something I am used to or even good at doing. Usually, I prefer to talk myself out of evening workouts. Therapy is mentally draining. I did it, though. Rather than run in the neighborhood, dipping in an out of coves, I decided to head out to the trails at our park. I didn’t get a full 4 miles in because I needed to get home in time for hubs too cook steaks and we really prefered not to eat at 10pm. 

It was a slow, easy run. I didn’t worry about pace and even stopped to take some pictures. Every now and then I forget how pretty our local park really is. The same old sights can get boring at times but that’s simply because you are taking them for granted. It got me to thinking about how I truly do love this little park. It was the place it all began for me. I went on picnics with hubs there when we first started dating. It was the first place I ever ran. Somewhere in the middle of that lake is a tarnished cross necklace from an ex-boyfriend that I threw in there long before I met my hubby. It’s theplace where I got my greatest injury and it’s the place where I slogged through numerous slow miles to get to where I am today. One day, I will take my kids for walks there and tell them stories about the things we experienced on those trails. Who knows, maybe my kids will find their love of running on that same trail.  I guess I am just sentimental tonight. I just love to think about what the past has taught me and what the future can hold. Before you start thinking it, I am NOT pregnant but it is a hope for the future. My run itself was just a run. The miles werent spectacular and speedy but they were mine. My knees were a bit cranky with me today but my pace wasn’t too horrible, even with the stopping for pics. Speaking of which, here are some of the no filter beauties I captured in order to share a piece of Arkansas running with my long distance pals. 


Long Run Sunday

After yesterday’s triumph I was pretty pumped about getting my long run in today. I was twice as pumped knowing that my running buddy was going with me AND we were going to take in some new scenery. I woke up early and made the roughly 30 minute drive to the state park we decided on. So excited for the forest scenery instead of the typical downtown run. I made a bathroom stop first (because,try as I might, I could not go before I left..) and met my weekend girl. She had a sweet surpise for me too! She brought me a copy of The Big Book Of Endurance Training. She had an extra copy since she is doing Project 90 for the second time. I’m super pumped about throwing myself into this book! (I’ll try to write up my thoughts about it when I’m done!) 

I put the book in the car and locked up before heading out on our misadventure. We wanted to do some trail running first so we went off to the start of the trail and set out. Not ten steps in we found that the trial was horribly muddy and we turned back. A little disappointed but we still had plenty of room to run. We took the pavement instead and we both felt like our legs were heavy as we conquered the gradual hill we had to start on. The pavement was a route that was frought with hills you didn’t expect to be as rough as they were. We soldiered on. Occasionally, one of us (usually me) would mutter something to the tune of “Oh Lord” or “Holy Cow” and the other (generally my friend) would respond in turn with “I know right?” amidst the usual friendly chit chat. We got to the swimming area that I affectionately deemed the ce-mentpond (yes, I am quoting the Beverly Hillbillys, don’t judge me.) It’s literally a man-made lake with cement. Think of a swimming pool with really brown water. We ran around the ce-ment pond and across the road to the actual lake where there was another trail. 

This trail was gorgeous! The wide lake with the grass covered levees and the beautiful sky was a welcomed sight….and then the dirt portion of the trail just suddenly disappeared. We were running in thick grass that was sopping with early morning dew. This resulted in some very soggy feet. The further we went, the thicker the grass and wetter our socks got. We sucked it up and kept going. I let out a giggle about it every now and then. We got back on the pavement and took to the route past the ce-ment pond again but added some mileage by ducking into the dead end areas. We both needed to grab our water bottles because, apparently, Arkansas does not believe water fountains are necessary in their parks. We ate our fuel packs, grabbed water and decided to brave the muddy trail. 

We quickly discovered why they named it the Dancing Rabbit Trail. It was not a trail that they intended for runners to use. Large rocks formed stairs that we bounded up breathlessly. Roots stuck out all over the place. The trail was incredibly narrow. We kept going anyway. There was a really cool bridge we stopped to selfie at.

 When we stepped onto said bridge, the fact that it swayed all kinds of crazy ways really threw us off. There was a sign after the swaying bridge that told us the moderate path was to our left and the difficult path was to the right. Seeing as how treacherous the path had already been, we chose the moderate path. We chose very wrong. What the sign did not tell us was that it was a big loop. We would end up right back in front of the sway bridge. We went up the moderate path, which was pretty difficult as well and down the difficult path. This meant that we had to “run” down a crazy steep downhill portion that my poor, unstable knees were not fond of. We survived the trail and went back ver the sway bridge to the grassy area in front of where we parked. We only had about 5 miles at this point and we origianlly set out to do 8. We decided to make another loop through the pavement and stop with 6 miles. 

It was a hard end to the run but we did pretty well. Our pace was kind of sad considerring it took us  almost 20 minutes to conquer the Dancing Rabbit Trail (which we both consider cross training AND running). But we got a little over 6 miles in and we didn’t die on the trail, so I consider us victorious. We both agreed, however, that we will run in town next weekend and maybe do a road trip somewhere else for our next trail run. I wish I had gotten more pics because, all in all, the scenery was very pretty. Arkansas does have some great state parks to discover but I was concentrating on living to tell this tale. 

When I got back in town, I called up my mother in-law and asked if she wanted to go for a walk. She has some health issues and has been talking about training for a 5k (or a mini marathon, as she calls it). My father in-law always wanted her to do a better job taking care of herself and I knew she had been feeling kind of down, understandably. I expected her to try to make up some excuses but she didn’t. She was a little hesitant because I woke her up but she agreed to go. I told her what time I would be there and she said she would get ready. We went for a nice, slow walk. She had a mini stroke about this time last year, so it was not an easy feat for her. She did it, though! She walked a full mile and did not complain! It was slow and easy and she did wonderful! She was so proud of herself and I am still incredibly proud of her. I hugged her, told her I was proud of her, and made her take a selfie with me (of course). I timed her because I wanted her to see when she improved. My heart was so happy when I actually heard her say “Well, I think I could do that!” when I told her how far a 5k was. She agreed to go again soon with me and even said she might go on her own! In total, I got in 7.1 miles and it has been a lovely day! 





My hippie runner pirate headband in honor of talk like a pirate day! 

I have some awesome news to share but I’m going to start by telling you a little more about myself and why I run. It will relate to the news I have and make it clear about why this day is so important to me. 

I was always naturally active. I lived to be outdoors. In high school, I was a majorette and a tennis player. I was tall and skinny. That’s pretty much my entire family. Tall and skinny. Most people would think that was a blessing. For me, it was a curse. When I hit my growth spurts as a child, I hit them hard. To say I grew like a weed would be an understatement. I grew so fast that my muscles could not keep up with my bones. This caused me to have a condition called patellar instability. Basically, my knee caps dislocate when I turn just the right way or when I am highly active. It was only in one knee in school but it has escalated to be in both now. I was told that would happen eventually, anyway. I never let that stop me from anything I really wanted to do. I was a championship majorette. I also went to districts in tennis just months after my knee surgery. I held my own too. After graduate school, I became less active. Work was tough and I didn’t have a lot of time on my hands. When Hubs and I got engaged, I decided to start running. It was just the way I could make sure I fit into my amazing dress. I bought it off the rack on a huge sale. I was a size 8 and it was a size 6. Not that big of a difference and I’m sure hubs figured I would give it up after the wedding. 

I found that running was more for me than just fitting into a dress. It helped me deal. As a therapist, I take on everyone’s problems all the time. I have people’s lives depending on my ability to help them through the hard times in life. I also have my own issues. Hubs and I get along great. He is my rock and the love of my life. My parents and I, on the other hand, do not get along at all. I don’t want to get into the details completely but it frequently turns for the worst. I have a hard time coping with the issues at times. No matter how hard the relationship is, I do love my family and would love to see a real improvement. As of right now, we are doing somewhat better. Running was my way of dealing with all of the stress of life. It also helped me find a love for my body. It is not a perfect body. I have two horrible knees and have to wear braces on them. I have my share of insecurities but my body has done so much more than what I ever thought I could do. 

I have always been a back to middle of the pack runner. In Women Can Run, I was the slowest. I made vast improvements but was not nearly as speedy as the other girls. They were great, though. They celebrated my victories just as much as they did their own. They encouraged me and did not ever look down on me for the amount of work I had to put into it. When I broke into the 10 minute range in my magic mile back in the spring, I felt like throwing a party. The other girls were single digit runners and I really never thought that my bum knees could ever work as fast as theirs. Today I did my second magic mile in Princess training. I was nervous and kept putting it off. I was afraid it wouldn’t be faster than the first one. I pushed myself to get out there today and I’m glad I did! I pushed hard. I listened to my new songs, especially Fight Song. It has become kind of an anthem for me. It worked! I broke into the single digits. I went faster than I ever thought I could and I know it’s only the beginning. When I hit that mile mark and saw the 9:45 time, I literally cried. Ugly cried, like Kim K style. I called hubs and breathlessly told him about my achievement. I finished a cooldown mile and went home to post it for the facebook world to see. I am so, very happy and so in love with my bum knees for doing what I doubted they could. Here’s to completing GSC, I finally know that I really can do it!

Now that you’ve heard my story, I would love to hear yours. What made you guys start running? What pushes you to keep going and what are your big achievement moments?

New tunes

I took today as a rest day. The whole week has been pretty exhausting so I guess I was due for one. It was still a fairly productive day. I worked and then had girl time with my favorite girly. Coffee, cupcake, bikini shopping,  kitty litter buying, and late night arby’s run. I love Friday girl time. I also picked up some sweet running tunes. I have not bought music in quite a while so my playlist was getting a little overused and hubs gets cranky if I get us too close to going over our data with Spotify. My choices from today… The entire first album (deluxe edition) of Awolnation. They always seem to make me power through hard runs. Sugar by Maroon 5. and Fight Song by Rachel Platten. I’m in love with that last one! I have rocked out to it all day long in the car and plan to use it when I do my magic mile tomorrow. I was super bummed because my mileage for tomorrow was so low that I would not be able to run with my Saturday girl. It all worked out though because, this week at least, Saturday girl is becoming my Sunday pal. She has to teach a barre class in another town so she won’t be at the run tomorrow either. We both need about 8 miles Sunday, though, so we will meet up at a new park and try some new loops. Yay! Tomorrow’s plan is a magic mile and a cool down mile. Then grocery shopping and watching the live action Cinderella with hubs and his mom. Looking to be a good weekend all in all.

3 Training Miles

In therapy, I tell clients to fight the urge to skip the appointment following a break through. I’ve worked the job for around 5 years now and every time a client has a massive break through, they try to dodge the next appointment. Fear of what they will discover about themselves or something. I think this may relate to running too. Tuesday’s run was so glorious that I really looked forward to today’s run…..until today. I don’t know what my deal was, honestly. It took me forever to drag my lazy butt out of bed and reluctantly put on my running clothes. Even my favorite running skirt did not make me want to get out the door. I argued with myself for about 20 minutes before I finally got up. I haven’t been like that on a running day that I can remember. I did it though. My heart wasn’t in it but I did it. The sky was beautiful and it was only a little hotter than it was Tuesday but I still had to force myself to get at least three miles in. I wanted to stop at two but I made myself go into the little neighborhood just far enough from mine that I would have to get in the minimum 3 miles. My pace wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t as good as Tuesday’s. I went back to intervals in order to get through the run. I’m debating on skipping spin class tomorrowso I can have a true rest day. Saturday I have to do one mile followed by 8 Sunday. With the small mileage Saturday, I felt it was kind of a rest day. I guess I’ll play it by ear and see how I feel in the morning. In good news, only 38 days until Disney Vacation with hubby!


Meal Prep Recipe Share #1

Today was day 2 of Iron Pump class. It was super early and another hard core workout. I’m actually enjoying it. The only thing that would make it better than it already is  would b for the women all around me to work their muscles more than their mouths. Not trying to be mean but I can barely concentrate at 5:30 am period and its even worse when there is a low rumble of constant chatter. I can barely breathe during the class, I don’t see how they do it! That’s really all there is to say about the workout today so I thought I would share my recipe I used for meal prep last week. I have actually enjoyed it!

Easy Trukey Meatloaf

1lb ground turkey

1 egg

1 box stuffing (all I had was chicken stuffing but it worked!) 

1 cup chopped spinach

1 cup water

This is super easy. All you do is mix everything together in a bowl and transfer it into a loaf pan. I had a handy pan that made 6 single serving loaves. I have no idea what they are actually called but it was like a muffin pan just rectangles lol. Bake it at 350 for about 45 minutes and enjoy! It freezes really well and is a tasty, fast meal. I paired mine with balsamic baby carrots. I also brought a couple of my zucchini muffins and about a cup of fruit. I used frozen this time but will probably go for fresh next time.  Myfitnesspal clocks it at 144 calories. 

I hope you enjoy it if you try this one. I know I did! What are some of your favorite meal prep recipes? 

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