It’s Friday.. Finally Friday and I am purely exhausted. Monday and Tuesday were mainly preparations for the memorial that will take place tomorrow. I took time off work (since my company doesn’t offer bereavement days for the death of an in-law) to help out but went back to work Wednesday. Since Wednesday, I have not stopped to do anything but sleep. I got my running in and even went to spin class this morning. A friend of mine started a plank challenge group on Facebook that I joined for accountability, so I have done those at least. My cross training has been pathetic for a while now. I can’t get out of bed for anything other than running.

Work has been crazy. I got back to work on Wednesday and my phone didn’t stop ringing until 7 pm tonight. I did 5 days worth of billing in just 3 very long and tiring days. In fact, I still have the majority of my paperwork left to do. Work is never over. The plus side is that I don’t have to use any vacation time for Monday and Tuesday. The minus? I’m utterly exhausted. I need a few weeks vacation to make up for that. Alas, I will have to wait for October but at least I got a fast pass for Elsa and Anna this time (yes, I love Frozen, don’t judge me). I also finished up the biography for my father in-law that will be read tomorrow in front of everyone.  I feel like I did a good job on it but still a little weary about my words being read in front of everyone. As long as it does the amazing man justice I’ll be happy. I’ve learned a lot about Captain over the last few days. For example, he was offered an internship with NASA. He was mind-blowingly smart.

Tomorrow will be my 6.5 mile run and then off for a day of remembering Captain. I will be trying hard to keep it together. Anyway, I’m going to finish my progress notes and pass out.