Those people that say every mile is great. Running is pure bliss. Yeah they are liars. I love running. I really do. Today’s run……totally sucked. Pretty much every step of every mile was awful. I didn’t want to get out of bed. The scenery was beautiful, except for the trees that had been cut down at the park. I got started later than usual so there were TONS of people out. Many shirtless boys running in glorified boxers that nearly ran me over at every turn. My toes hurt and my knees complained. I made sure to get the miles in and even took the hills on the road around the lake, not just the trail. 

I hit my first official wall at only 3 miles in. Thinking I can’t do this. At mile 4 I highly considered jumping into the lake and swimming across to get to my car. At mile 5, a guy running toward me on the road clapped, gave me thumbs up, and told me good job. I needed that more than the stranger probably could have guessed. I pushed through and finished the 6.5 miles. I decided to stretch in the grass. I usually forget to stretch but I was sore and thought it would be a good idea. I was wrong. Just seconds after getting into a lunge position, my knee cap popped out of place. So here I sit, a couch pillow under my knees and an ice pack wrapped around it as I write. Usually this keeps me down for several days or more but it done’s feel quite as bad today as it has in the past.