Another day has passed but it feels equivalent to three. It feels like three days ago that I got up to meet Lindsay for a 7am run. It wasn’t though, it was today. My first thoughts were about my father in-law (I will be referring to him as Captain from now on to shorten things.)

My day started off with getting up reluctantly to the sound of my alarm around 6:15 am. I fought tears on the way to the park but the run was just  what I needed to keep things together. I was so out of it this morning that I mixed up my knee braces despite having them labeled left and right. I forgot my armband so no music or metronome. It was okay though because I never really pay attention to music when I run with friends. I chunked the phone in the car and it felt good not to have it with me, in all honesty.

The run was good and the company was even better. The actual work felt so much harder than it really was. Our pace was very, very slow and steady. I ran to Wal-mart afterward and picked up some aloe vera juice, as suggested by Robyn for stomach issues.

We spent the rest of the day eating with hubby’s family and receiving guests at my brother in-law’s house. That’s one thing about his family. They are social butterflies. My family was not like that. My family didn’t have a whole lot of friends and I really didn’t like family gatherings. I, personally, have an awesome group of friends but hubby’s family is a whole new level for me. Basically, I grew sick of visitors. I hate being the center of attention and my Mother in-law, of course introduced me to every person that stopped by. I’m the most recent addition to the family so it was more attention than I really like. I did all of it without much complaint because I knew it was what she needed.

As for me, I’m debating on a run or a strength day at the gym tomorrow. Maybe both. It’s the thing that helps keep my pieces put together. I have to find out in the morning if my company allows for bereavement time for in-laws but I will be taking off work either way. Captain was an awesome man who also insisted on donating his body to science, so there will be no funeral. We will be having a memorial service over the weekend, however, so there is still a lot to be done.

My favorite aspect of the day was sitting around with the family and getting to hear funny stories about Captain as a younger man. He’s so much like my hubby and was so full of life, even through his sickness. I miss him more than I can explain already. I’m more than a little nervous about some things we have to do tomorrow because I have a big, important task ahead of me. Hubby was going to write Captain’s autobiography to be read off during the services but he told me on the way home tonight that he wanted me to do it instead. He thinks I’m better with words than he is and I really didn’t have much jobs given to me to do anyway. I’m happy to do it and try my best. I used to write all the time and I loved it. However, I feel like I have totally lost my writing voice in the past 7 years or so. This blog is the first successful attempt to maintain any kind of writing at all and I’m not ever truly pleased with my voice in here. I’m working on it, though. Send some good thoughts my way so that I can do this wonderful man and the life he lived justice. I still feel like he has just been napping in the other room this whole time.

My summary for the running part is 3.4 miles done at an incredibly slow pace.